www land gov bd Apps

By | April 26, 2023
www land gov bd Apps

Bangladesh Ministry of Lands has recently been doing all their activities in a digital way due to which now their official server has been launched on the basis of which you can now collect all types of information related to smart land map from this website starting from land registration through online land development tax. Because of which this website is very important for you as a land owner and there are many people who do not know the information about this website as well as how to use it and how to get the correct information by logging in.

Bangladesh Ministry of Land has recently launched an official application along with creating their official website and through this application now every land owner can get all their information. Generally speaking you are going to get all the activities that are conducted on their official website through this application and you as a smartphone user can definitely use this application effortlessly.

Because this application is playing a special role for Android users as well as iOS users. In today’s article we are going to share with you detailed information about how to collect this application and how to collect all the information in your land ministry using this application. So those of you who are interested in using this application and they are interested in getting all kinds of information related to Land Development Tax Smart Land Map RS Khatian through it can use it if they want.

www.land.gov.bd Apps Download

Those who are interested in doing every activity online from home can download this official application. But many people may have a question that where this application is available and for them I want to say that if you want you can download this application on your smartphone very easily. So let’s know the information about how you can download the official application of the Ministry of Lands.


  • Since you are using a smartphone and your mobile phone is android, you must enter Google Play Store first.
  • After entering the website, a search box will appear in front of you, you must see the name of an application such as land.gov.bd.
  • Reinstall the application and you can see it with the home page of your smartphone.
  • Then you need to launch that application and open an account there to know the correct rules to use it.
  • However, we have shared detailed information about how to use this application correctly through an article.hotline-logo

Whenever you have installed the official application and after knowing about the correct rules of using the application you can use it properly. But many people have questions that how this application works and for them I would like to say that now through it you can do all the information related to RS Khatian to land development tax online payment in a short time.

rsk.land.gov.bd App

rsk.land.gov.bd app is searched by many people on the internet and if you are looking for this kind of application on the internet, good news for you, we are able to share the official application here. First you must follow our instructions here properly so that you can install this application without any complications.

Whether you are an android user or an iPhone user, it will be very easy for you to download this application, because of which Android users must enter the Google Play Store. On the other hand, those who use iPhone can enter the iOS or App Store. Then go there and search by typing rsk.land.gov.bd app in the search box, the official application will appear in front of you and you can install this application on your device. Then you can do every activity online from there.

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