Direct Quranic Boy Names | Islamic baby boy names from quran

By | November 20, 2022
Islamic baby boy names from quran
SL Name Meaning 1. Aaz Mightiest 2. Abdullah Servant of Allah 3. Abyaz White 4. Abidin Worshipers of God 5. Adl Justice 6. Adam Name of a prophet, the first human being 7. Afin Ones who forgive others 8. Ahad One,  single,  unique 9. Ahmad Praiseworthy 10. Ahaq More deserving, worthier 11. Ahkam Firm, best at judging, most wise 12. Ahsan Best 13. Aiman Blessed 14. Ajr Reward 15. Akbar Greatest 16. Akifun Ones who stay at the mosque overnight to worship 17. Akif One who stays at the mosque overnight to worship God 18. Akifin Ones who stay at the mosque overnight to worship 19. Akram Extremely generous 20. Ali High, exalted, sublime 21. Albab Sense, Intelligence 22. Aleem Expert, extremely knowledgeable 23. Allam Extremely knowledgeable 24. Alim Knowledgeable, expert, scholar 25. Alimin Knowledgeable ones 26. Alimun  Knowledgeable ones 27. Amin Trustworthy 28. Amad Duration, period of time 29. Aminun Safe ones 30. Aminin  Safe ones, unharmed ones 31. Ansar Supporters 32. Ana Moments 33. Aqrab Closer, closest 34. Aqlam Pens 35. Ashaab Friends, companions 36. Aqsat Most just, fairer, most just 37. Asdaq More trustworthy 38. Asghar  Smaller, younger 39. Ashhad Witnesses, plural of shahid 40. Asif Stormy 41. Asim Protector 42. Awab Repentant, one who always returns to God 43. Awal First 44. Awabin Ones who repent 45. Awsat Moderate 46. Ayub Name of a prophet, known as Job in English 47. Azim Great, Magnificent 48. Azm Resolve, resolution, firmness of will 49. Aziz Beloved, honored, mighty 50. Baqi Remaining, lasting 51. Bab Door, gateway 52. Bahr Sea 53. Balagh Proclamation, declaration, announcement 54. Basar Eyesight, vision 55. Bashir Bringer of good news 56. Basit Spreader, one whose arms are spread wide, figuratively it means generous 57. Basir Perceptive 58. Bazigh Shining, radiant, rising 59. Bihar Seas 60. Burhan Proof 61. Bunyan Structure, formation 62. Dalil Guide, indication 63. Dabir, Daber Roots, lineage, ancestry 64. Daee Caller, evangelist, one who calls others to Islam 65. Dawud Name of a prophet, David in English 66. Faizun   Winners 67. Eid Festival, day of festivity 68. Fatah Opener, one who solves a difficult problem, one who judges between two sides 69. Fariq Group of people, clan 70. Fasl Season (of the year), chapter, part, discernment 71. Fazl Courtesy, good deed, superiority 72. Fuad Conscience, heart 73. Ghafur  Forgiving 74. Ghafar Forgiving 75. Ghalib Victor, overcomer 76. Ghafir Forgiver 77. Ghafirin Forgivers 78. Ghalibun Winners, overcomers, dominant ones 79. Ghani Rich, needless 80. Golam, Gholam, Ghulam Boy, lad, youth 81. Hadi Guide 82. Hafiz Protector, one who has memorized the entire Quran 83. Hafeez Protector 84. Hafizin Protectors, guardians 85. Hafizun Protectors 86. Halim Forbearing, kind 87. Hakim Wise 88. Hanif Devoted to God, one who believes in one God, upright in faith 89. Hamd Thanks, praise 90. Hameed Praiseworthy 91. Haris Desirous, eager, keen 92. Haq Truth 93. Haqiq Befitting, suitable, obligated 94. Hasan    Good, good-looking 95. Harun Name of a prophet, Aaron in English 96. Hud, Houd Name of a prophet 97. Idris Name of a prophet 98. Ibrahim                Name of a Prophet, Abraham in English 99. Il Yasin, Elyasin, Ilyasin, El Yasin Name of a prophet, also known as Elias in the Quran 100. Ikhwan Brothers 101. Imad, Emad Pillars 102. Ilm Knowledge, science 103. Ilyas Name of a prophet, Elijah in English 104. Ismail Name of a prophet, Ishmael in English 105. Imran Name of the father of Maryam, mother of Isa (Jesus) 106. Isa Name of a prophet, Jesus in English 107. Ishaq or Isaac Name of a prophet, Isaac in English 108. Jamil Beautiful 109. Jalal Eminence, prestige, superbness 110. Jamal Beauty 111. Jihad Struggle in the cause of God 112. Jibreel Name of an angel, Gabriel in English 113. Karim Generous, noble 114. Kabir Great 115. Kafil Sponsor, surety, responsible 116. Khabir Expert 117. Kathir Much, a lot 118. Katib Writer, scribe 119. Khalid    Immortal 120. Khalaif Successors, deputies, agents, refers to humans being God’s agents of good on earth 121. Khalidin                Immortal Ones 122. Khalidun Immortal ones 123. Khalifa Successor, deputy, agent 124. Khashiyin Ones who fear God 125. Khalil Close friend 126. Kiram Respected and generous ones 127. Khulafa Deputies, agents, successors 128. Luqman Name of a wise man mentioned in the Quran 129. Latif Gentle, subtly kind 130. Mahmud Praiseworthy 131. Mahd Bed, cradle 132. Mahfuz Protected one 133. Mamdud Extended, extensive, large 134. Majeed                Glorious, honorable 135. Makan Place 136. Makeen Distinguished, influential, deep-rooted 137. Maqam Status, place 138. Mamnun Very thankful, indebted. It can also mean never-ending, uninterrupted 139. Mamoun Safe, away from harm 140. Masaabih Lamps 141. Marqum Labelled, marked 142. Maruf Good, customary 143. Marzi Cause for contentment, a person that God is pleased with 144. Masrur Happy, joyful 145. Mashhad Scene 146. Mashhud Witnessed 147. Mashkur Appreciated 148. Mashreq East 149. Masir Destiny, fate 150. Miqdar Amount, measure 151. Matin Firm, strong 152. Mawid, Moweid Appointment 153. Mazid More 154. Midrar Abundant, copious, exuberant, flowing 155. Mikal Name of an angel 156. Miras Inheritance, heritage 157. Mizan Balance, scales, measure 158. Mouminun Believers 159. Moumin Believer 160. Mubsir  Well-informed, skilled, keen, intelligent 161. Mubarak Blessed 162. Mubashir Bringer of good news 163. Mubashirin Bringers of good news 164. Muflihun Successful ones 165. Mubsirun Well-informed ones, skilled ones, keen ones 166. Mudakir One who remembers God, cannot be written as Muzakir 167. Mudasir Wrapped, covered 168. Muflihin Successful ones 169. Muhsinin Doers of good deeds 170. Muhajir Migrator for the cause of God 171. Muhammad, Mohamed Praiseworthy 172. Muhit    Encompassing, aware of, knowledgeable about, ocean, ambiance 173. Muhsin, Mohsen Doer of good deeds 174. Muhtadin Well-guided ones 175. Muhsinun Doers of good deeds 176. Muhtad or Muhtadi Well-guided 177. Mukhlas Chosen 178. Muhtadun Guided ones 179. Mujahidun Ones who struggle in the cause of God 180. Mukhbitin Humble ones 181. Munib One who returns to God, one who always repents 182. Mukhlasin Chosen ones 183. Mukhlis                Devoted, sincere 184. Mukhlisin Sincere ones, devoted ones 185. Mukhlisun Sincere ones 186. Mukramin Respected and honored ones 187. Munzirun Warners 188. Munibin Repenting ones 189. Muntasir Victorious ones, ones supporting each other to attain victory 190. Muntasirin Victorious ones, ones who support each other to attain success 191. Munzir  Warner 192. Munzirin Warners 193. Murshid Guide 194. Muqam                Station, resting place, refers to Paradise in the Quran 195. Muqim Resident, permanent, establisher 196. Muqinin Those who have achieved certainty of heart 197. Muslih Reformer, one who improves things 198. Musa Name of a Prophet, Moses in English 199. Musadiq Acknowledger of truth, one who acknowledges God’s existence and powers 200. Musalin Praying ones 201. Mustabin Clear 202. Muslihin Doers of good 203. Muslihun Doers of good, reformers 204. Muslim Muslim, one who has submitted to God 205. Muslimin Muslims, submitters 206. Muslimun Muslims 207. Mustaqir Stable, firmly established, strong 208. Mustabsirin Perceptive, endowed with perception, intelligent 209. Mustafin Chosen ones 210. Mustaghfirin Ones who pray for forgiveness 211. Mustaqar Home, abode, place of residence, used to refer to Paradise 212. Mustaqim Straight 213. Muttaqin Ones who are mindful of God 214. Mustaslimun Ones who have submitted themselves to God 215. Mutaqun Ones who fear God, righteous ones 216. Mutasadiqin Givers of charity 217. Mutmaenin Ones whose hearts are at peace 218. Muzamil Covered 219. Muzakir One who remembers God 220. Naseeb Share, fortune 221. Naeem Bliss 222. Najm Star, stars 223. Naqib Leader, representative 224. Nasr Victory 225. Naseer Helper, supporter 226. Nasih Giver of advice 227. Nasihin Givers of advice 228. Nasihun Givers of advice, well-intentioned and sincere 229. Nasir Supporter 230. Nasirin Supporters 231. Nazeer Warner, one who brings a warning. Used to refer to the Prophet PBUH, because he warns against disobeying God. 232. Nuh, Nooh, Noah Name of a prophet, Noah in English 233. Qadirin Able ones 234. Ozair, Uzair A prophet, Ezra in English 235. Qadeer Extremely capable 236. Qadir     Able, powerful 237. Qanit Devoted to God 238. Qadirun Able ones 239. Qaim Standing, upright, one who stays up late at night to pray 240. Qaimun                Standing ones, upright ones, ones who stay up late at night to pray 241. Qawamun Protectors, maintainers, ones in charge 242. Qanitin Devout ones, pious ones 243. Qanitun Ones who are devoted to God 244. Qarib Near 245. Qawamin Upright ones, those who follow God’s commandments 246. Qiyam To stand upright, to stay up late at night to pray 247. Qawi Strong 248. Qayyim Valid, reasonable, worthy, valuable, precious 249. Qayyum Guardian, sustainer 250. Rafiq Companion, companionship 251. Raafi Exalter, raiser 252. Rafee Exalted, highest 253. Raqim Inscription, letter, message 254. Raghib Seeker, desirous 255. Raghibun Seekers, desirous ones 256. Raheem Merciful 257. Rahimin Ones who are merciful 258. Rauf, Raouf Compassionate, sympathetic 259. Rashad Well-guidedness 260. Rasheed, Rashid Well-guided, mature 261. Rashidun Well-guided ones 262. Rasikhun Ones who are deep-rooted and firmly established 263. Rushd, Roshd Maturity, well-guidedness, sound judgment 264. Sabir Patient 265. Sabiq Competitor, overtaker, foremost 266. Sabiqin Those who compete with others in good deeds 267. Sabiqun Ones who compete with others in goodness 268. Sadiq Tellers of truth 269. Sabirun Patient ones 270. Sabit Firmly established, deep-rooted 271. Sadeeq Friend 272. Safwan Rock 273. Sadiqat Tellers of truth 274. Sadiqin Those who tell the truth 275. Sadiqun                Tellers of truth, trustworthy ones 276. Sajidin Prostrating ones, ones who worship God often 277. Sahib Friend, companion 278. Sahil Beach, river bank, shore 279. Said, Saeed Happy, successful 280. Saimin Fasting ones 281. Sajid Prostrating one 282. Salihin Pious ones 283. Sajidun Prostrating ones 284. Sakhr Rocks 285. Salih Pious, not corrupt 286. Salihain Good and virtuous ones 287. Samer Good friend 288. Salihun Pious and good ones 289. Salim Unharmed, safe and sound, un-corrupt, whole, complete 290. Salimun                Safe and unharmed ones 291. Samee Perceptive, one who hears 292. Shahidin Witnesses 293. Saqib Sharp, penetrating 294. Shadid Strong, severe, intense 295. Shaheed Witness, martyr 296. Shahid Witness 297. Shidad Strong and severe ones 298. Shahidun Witnesses 299. Shakir Thankful 300. Shakirin Thankful ones, appreciative ones 301. Shakirun Thankful ones 302. Shakur Thankful, appreciative, grateful 303. Shuhud Witnesses 304. Shihab Shooting star 305. Shuaib Name of a prophet 306. Sidr A type of tree in Palestine 307. Shukur Thanks, gratitude 308. Siddiq One who always tells the truth, on who acknowledges the truth 309. Siddiqin Pious and virtuous ones, supporters of truth 310. Siddiqun Pious and virtuous ones, supporters of truth 311. Sulaiman Name of a prophet, Solomon in English 312. Subh, Sobh Morning 313. Subut Continuation, constancy, steadiness, validity 314. Taha Two letters of unknown meaning that make up Quran 20:1 315. Tafsil To detail, elaboration, details 316. Tafzil To prefer, to give precedence to 317. Talib Seeker 318. Tahwil   Change, alteration, conversion 319. Taqi Mindful of God 320. Taqdir Appraisal, assessment, determination. Can also mean regard, esteem 321. Tasin Two letters of unknown meaning at the start of chapter 27 of the Quran 322. Tareeq Road, way 323. Tariq One who knocks, one who arrives at night, or the name of a star 324. Tasdiq Attestation, endorsement, to say that something is true or good 325. Tayyib Good, virtuous 326. Taslim Surrender, submission 327. Tawab One who repents often. It also means one who accepts repentance, one who forgives others 328. Tawfiq, Taufique Success 329. Tayibin Good and virtuous ones 330. Tayibun                Good and virtuous ones 331. Wahab Generous 332. Wadi      Valley 333. Wadud Loving 334. Wali Governor, prefect, ruler 335. Wahid One, unique 336. Wakil Deputy, agent, trustee 337. Walee Friend, patron 338. Wasat Moderate, medium, in the middle 339. Waqar Calmness, composure, dignity, poise, solemnity 340. Wildan Youths, boys 341. Yaseer  Easy, uncomplicated, without obstacles 342. Yahya Name of a prophet, known as John in English 343. Yaqoub Name of a prophet, Jacob in English 344. Yusuf Name of a prophet, Joseph in English. 345. Yazid He increases in virtue, he makes progress 346. Yunus Names of a prophet, known as Jonah in English 347. Zahidin Ascetic, austere, pious 348. Zaheer Supporter 349. Zakirin Ones who remember God 350. Zaif Guest 351. Zaim, Zaeem Leader, in charge, responsible 352. Zakariya Name of a prophet, Zachariah in English 353. Zaki Pure, good 354. Zulkfil Name of a prophet, may mean One who carried out his responsibility 355. Zayd, Zaid Increase, prosperity 356. Zuljalal Majestic

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