Direct Quranic Girls Names | islamic baby girl names from quran

By | November 20, 2022
islamic baby girl names from quran
SL Name Meaning 1. Aayat Verses, messages, signs. Plural of Ayah 2. Aan This moment, right now, mature, ripe 3. Aayun Eyes 4. Abidat Worshipers of God 5. Adn Bliss, eternal residence, Eden in English 6. Adha More sensible, more intelligent, more severe 7. Aezza Mighty ones, respected and noble ones 8. Adna     Closest 9. Aghnia Rich ones, needless ones 10. Afida Hearts, consciences 11. Aliah Sublime 12. Ahda Better guided 13. Ajniha Wings 14. Ala Blessings, favors, wonders 15. Amanaat Deposits, trusts, things that are given to another person for safekeeping 16. Amana Trustworthiness, and something left with another person for safekeeping 17. Anaba He/she returned to God and became virtuous, this is a past-tense verb used as a noun 18. Amani Wish, hope 19. Amina Safe, secure 20. Anamta                You have blessed, it is a phrase taken from Surat al-Fatiha, the speech is directed at God 21. Aqsa Farthest, it is the name of a mosque in Jerusalem 22. Aqiba Result, aftermath, consequence 23. Asifa Storm, stormy, wind that blows forcefully 24. Asal Honey 25. Asara Remnant, trace 26. Aula, Awla More deserving 27. Asma Names 28. Ayah Verse, sign, proof 29. Banan Fingertips 30. Bariza Eminent, prominent 31. Baqiya Remaining, lasting 32. Barakaat Blessings 33. Bayyina                Clear sign, clear proof 34. Basiqat High, lofty and towering [things], refers to palm trees in the Quran 35. Basira Clear proof 36. Bazigha Shining, radiant, rising 37. Bayyinat Clear signs and proofs 38. Bayza White, feminine of Abyaz 39. Bushra Good news, glad tidings 40. Bukra Early, early part of the day, dawn, morning 41. Dua Prayer, supplication, call 42. Daniya Close, near 43. Dunya Worldly life, literally means the closest one 44. Eelaf, Ilaf, Elaf    Pact, agreement, covenant, safety 45. Ein, Iyn One who has beautiful large eyes 46. Fizzah Silver (the metal) 47. Fida To free a captive 48. Hafizat  Protectors 49. Hadaiq Gardens 50. Hadiya Gift 51. Hasanat Good deeds 52. Harir Silk 53. Hasana Good deed 54. Hilya Jewel, trinket, any item used for adornment. 55. Hoor Houris, companions of Paradise 56. Husna That which is best, good deed, beautiful 57. Huda Guidance 58. Ibtigha To seek 59. Ibrah Lesson 60. Iliyun, Eliyun       The highest and most sublime place in Paradise 61. Iliyeen, Eliyeen The highest and most sublime place in Paradise 62. Iza, Izza, Eza       Might, honor, self-respect and dignity 63. Imara    To visit, to tend 64. Istabraq Brocade, shiny and shimmering silk 65. Jannat Plural of Jannah (Paradise) 66. Janna    Paradise 67. Jariya     The Sun, ship, stream, unmarried young woman 68. Jannatain Two gardens, plural of Jannah 69. Jannatan Two gardens, plural of Jannah 70. Judi, Judy            Name of the mountain that Noah’s Ark landed upon 71. Kabira   Great 72. Kamila   Complete and without shortcomings, mature 73. Kalima Word 74. Kalimat Words 75. Kashifat                Discoverers, removers of hardship 76. Kashifa Discoverer, remover of hardship 77. Kawsar, Kausar Abundance, and possibly the name of a fountain in Paradise 78. Kathira, Katheera Much, abundant 79. Khashiat Ones who fear God 80. Khairat  Good things, good ones 81. Khalisa  Genuine, noble, fresh, untainted, exclusive 82. Kunuz Treasures 83. Kubra Greatest, feminine of Akbar 84. Layali Nights 85. Lailah, Laila Night 86. Layal      Nights 87. Lina Young palm tree, young and delicate thing 88. Layyin Gentle, soft 89. Lulu Pearl 90. Liqaa To meet, to come face to face with 91. Madina, Medina City, also refers to a city in Saudi Arabia 92. Maawa Sanctuary, shelter, residence, refers to Paradise 93. Mahaba Love, affection 94. Mafaza Success, safety 95. Maghfira Forgiveness 96. Maqsurat Pure and modest ones, reserved ones 97. Mahya  Life, lifetime 98. Maimana Blessedness, ease and lack of hardship 99. Maisara Ease, lack of hardship 100. Marhama Mercy, compassion 101. Marah Fun, joy 102. Marfuah Raised, high, sublime 103. Maryam Arabic for Mary, mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus). 104. Marufa Good, customary 105. Marwa Name of a landmark in Mecca 106. Mastour               Written, recorded 107. Marzia  Cause for contentment, a person that God is pleased with 108. Masaaba Refuge, place of resort 109. Mawiza Advice, admonition 110. Masuba Reward 111. Mawada Affection, goodwill 112. Milla      Creed, doctrine, refers to prophet Ibrahim’s way of life in the Quran 113. Miesha Livelihood 114. Mubaraka Blessed 115. Mishkat                Niche 116. Mouminat Believers 117. Mubsira Well-informed, skilled, keen, intelligent 118. Mubashirat Bringers of good news 119. Mubayinat Clear, self-explanatory, lucid, plural of mubayina 120. Mumina Believer, feminine of Mumin 121. Mufsira                Beaming with happiness 122. Muhajirat Ones who have migrated for the cause of God 123. Muhita Encompassing, aware of, knowledgeable about 124. Muhsinat Doers of good deeds 125. Mustabshira One who is rejoicing after receiving good news 126. Muslima Feminine of Muslim 127. Muslimat Female Muslim 128. Mutmaina Sure-hearted, one whose heart is at peace 129. Mutahara Pure 130. Mutasadiqat Givers of charity 131. Nafila Gift, present, something given as an addition to something else that was given 132. Naama, Naema Abundance, comfort, luxury 133. Nakhla Palm tree 134. Naimah, Naema                Soft, smooth, beautiful and delicate, joyful 135. Najwa   Whisper, private conversation 136. Nazra Radiance, joyfulness 137. Nawa Seed, kernel 138. Nazira   Happy, joyful, one whose face is glowing with happiness 139. Nuha Sense, intelligence 140. Neima Blessing, something that God has blessed you with 141. Nida       Call, supplication 142. Oula First, feminine form of Awwal 143. Omnia, Umnia Wish, desire 144. Orub, Urub Devoted, loving, full of love 145. Oyun Eyes, plural of Ain. Can also mean springs, fountains 146. Qibla Refers to the direction of the Kaaba, which Muslims face during prayer 147. Qanitat Devout ones, pious ones 148. Qayima Upright, one who stands late at night in prayer 149. Qayima, Qaima Upright, correct 150. Qurra, Qurrat Comfort 151. Radiya, Raziya Content one, pleased one 152. Raafa, Rafa Kindness, sympathy 153. Rabwa Highland, hill 154. Rasiyat  Massive, Towering 155. Rafia High, exalted, sublime, that which raises [something] 156. Rahma Mercy 157. Ruya, Roya Dream, vision 158. Riyah     Gales, strong winds, fragrant smells 159. Ruhama Kind and merciful ones 160. Safa A hill in Mecca 161. Sabira Patient 162. Sabirat Patient ones 163. Sabirin, Sabrin Patient ones 164. Sadaqa Charity, things given for charity 165. Sakhra Rock 166. Sahar Dawn 167. Sahiba Companion 168. Saihat Travelers, ones who fast 169. Saimat Fasting ones 170. Samaa Sky, heaven 171. Sakina   Serenity, tranquility 172. Salihat Good deeds 173. Salwa Consolation, bringer of happiness, quail 174. Sana Flash, glitter 175. Samar Fruit, result 176. Samara Fruit, result 177. Samarat Fruits, results 178. Samawat Heavens, skies, plural of Samaa 179. Sara times of happiness and ease, good times 180. Sanabil  Plural of sunbul (ear of what/corn) 181. Sidra Lote tree 182. Shahadat Testimonies 183. Shifa Cure, recovery 184. Shuhada Martyrs, witnesses 185. Sibgha Color, dye 186. Siddiqa Pious and virtuous 187. Sunbula                Ear of wheat, ear of corn, spike 188. Silsila     Series, chain 189. Sima Appearance, characteristic, sign 190. Subat Sleep, slumber 191. Sujud Prostration 192. Sundus Fine silk, silk brocade 193. Sunbulat Ears of wheat, ears of corn, spikes 194. Tareeqa Road, path, way, manner 195. Tabsira Enlightenment 196. Tahiyya Greeting 197. Tilawa   Recitation 198. Tasmia  To name, to mention the name of Allah, to say bismillah 199. Tawba   Repentance 200. Tawsia To give a commandment 201. Tayiba, Taiba Good, pious, not corrupt 202. Tayibat Good things, things permitted by God 203. Tulu, Tulou, Tolou To rise, to shine (as in sunrise) 204. Tuba Blessedness 205. Tuqat    God-consciousness 206. Ummah                Nation, community 207. Uswa     Example, model, pattern 208. Urwa Handhold 209. Wosta Middle 210. Wahida One, a single one, unique 211. Warda   Flower, rose 212. Wasila Means, course, route, medium 213. Wasiyyah             Commandment, will, advice, bequest 214. Yusra     Ease, lack of hardship and obstacles 215. Yaqut Ruby 216. Yusr       Ease, lack of obstacles and complexities 217. Zakirat Ones who remember God 218. Zahab, Dahab    Gold 219. Zahra Flower, splendor 220. Zaitun   olive, olive tree 221. Zaituna, Zaytunah Olive, olive tree 222. Ziya Radiance 223. Zakiya Pure, good 224. Zeenah or Zeenat Beautification 225. Zikra Remembrance, memory 226. Zilal Shades, things that provide refuge from sunlight, such as trees 227. Zullah    Dark cloud 228. Ziyada   Increase, extra 229. Zuha, Zoha Morning, mid-morning, forenoon 230. Zulfaa    Close, near 231. Zulfah Close, near, not to be confused with Zulfaa (though they have the same meaning)

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