Direct Quranic Baby Names For Boys And Girls

By | November 19, 2022
Boys & Girls Name from Quran
SL Name   Meaning 1. Aaz -name meaning- Mightiest 2. Abdullah -name meaning- Servant of Allah 3. Abyaz -name meaning- White 4. Abidin -name meaning- Worshipers of God 5. Adl -name meaning- Justice 6. Adam -name meaning- Name of a prophet, the first human being 7. Afin -name meaning- Ones who forgive others 8. Ahad -name meaning- One,  single,  unique 9. Ahmad -name meaning- Praiseworthy 10. Ahaq -name meaning- More deserving, worthier 11. Ahkam -name meaning- Firm, best at judging, most wise 12. Ahsan -name meaning- Best 13. Aiman -name meaning- Blessed 14. Ajr -name meaning- Reward 15. Akbar -name meaning- Greatest 16. Akifun -name meaning- Ones who stay at the mosque overnight to worship 17. Akif -name meaning- One who stays at the mosque overnight to worship God 18. Akifin -name meaning- Ones who stay at the mosque overnight to worship 19. Akram -name meaning- Extremely generous 20. Ali -name meaning- High, exalted, sublime 21. Albab -name meaning- Sense, intelligence 22. Aleem -name meaning- Expert, extremely knowledgeable 23. Allam -name meaning- Extremely knowlegeable 24. Alim -name meaning- Knowledgeable, expert, scholar 25. Alimin -name meaning- Knowledgeable ones 26. Alimun  -name meaning- Knowledgeable ones 27. Amin -name meaning- Trustworthy 28. Amad -name meaning- Duration, period of time 29. Aminun -name meaning- Safe ones 30. Aminin  -name meaning- Safe ones, unharmed ones 31. Ansar -name meaning- Supporters 32. Ana -name meaning- Moments 33. Aqrab -name meaning- Closer, closest 34. Aqlam -name meaning- Pens 35. Ashaab -name meaning- Friends, companions 36. Aqsat -name meaning- Most just, fairer, most just 37. Asdaq -name meaning- More trustworthy 38. Asghar  -name meaning- Smaller, younger 39. Ashhad -name meaning- Witnesses, plural of shahid 40. Asif -name meaning- Stormy 41. Asim -name meaning- Protector 42. Awab -name meaning- Repentant, one who always returns to God 43. Awal -name meaning- First 44. Awabin -name meaning- Ones who repent 45. Awsat -name meaning- Moderate 46. Ayub -name meaning- Name of a prophet, known as Job in English 47. Azim -name meaning- Great, Magnificent 48. Azm -name meaning- Resolve, resolution, firmness of will 49. Aziz -name meaning- Beloved, honored, mighty 50. Baqi -name meaning- Remaining, lasting 51. Bab -name meaning- Door, gateway 52. Bahr -name meaning- Sea 53. Balagh -name meaning- Proclamation, declaration, announcement 54. Basar -name meaning- Eyesight, vision 55. Bashir -name meaning- Bringer of good news 56. Basit -name meaning- Spreader, one whose arms are spread wide, figuratively it means generous 57. Basir -name meaning- Perceptive 58. Bazigh -name meaning- Shining, radiant, rising 59. Bihar -name meaning- Seas 60. Burhan -name meaning- Proof 61. Bunyan -name meaning- Structure, formation 62. Dalil -name meaning- Guide, indication 63. Dabir, Daber -name meaning- Roots, lineage, ancestry 64. Daee -name meaning- Caller, evangelist, one who calls others to Islam 65. Dawud -name meaning- Name of a prophet, David in English 66. Faizun   -name meaning- Winners 67. Eid -name meaning- Festival, day of festivity 68. Fatah -name meaning- Opener, one who solves a difficult problem, one who judges between two sides 69. Fariq -name meaning- Group of people, clan 70. Fasl -name meaning- Season (of the year), chapter, part, discernment 71. Fazl -name meaning- Courtesy, good deed, superiority 72. Fuad -name meaning- Conscience, heart 73. Ghafur  -name meaning- Forgiving 74. Ghafar -name meaning- Forgiving 75. Ghalib -name meaning- Victor, overcomer 76. Ghafir -name meaning- Forgiver 77. Ghafirin -name meaning- Forgivers 78. Ghalibun -name meaning- Winners, overcomers, dominant ones 79. Ghani -name meaning- Rich, needless 80. Golam, Gholam, Ghulam -name meaning- Boy, lad, youth 81. Hadi -name meaning- Guide 82. Hafiz -name meaning- Protector, one who has memorized the entire Quran 83. Hafeez -name meaning- Protector 84. Hafizin -name meaning- Protectors, guardians 85. Hafizun -name meaning- Protectors 86. Halim -name meaning- Forbearing, kind 87. Hakim -name meaning- Wise 88. Hanif -name meaning- Devoted to God, one who believes in one God, upright in faith 89. Hamd -name meaning- Thanks, praise 90. Hameed -name meaning- Praiseworthy 91. Haris -name meaning- Desirous, eager, keen 92. Haq -name meaning- Truth 93. Haqiq -name meaning- Befitting, suitable, obligated 94. Hasan    -name meaning- Good, good-looking 95. Harun -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Aaron in English 96. Hud, Houd -name meaning- Name of a prophet 97. Idris -name meaning- Name of a prophet 98. Ibrahim                -name meaning- Name of a Prophet, Abraham in English 99. Il Yasin, Elyasin, Ilyasin, El Yasin -name meaning- Name of a prophet, also known as Elias in the Quran 100. Ikhwan -name meaning- Brothers 101. Imad, Emad -name meaning- Pillars 102. Ilm -name meaning- Knowledge, science 103. Ilyas -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Elijah in English 104. Ismail -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Ishmael in English 105. Imran -name meaning- Name of the father of Maryam, mother of Isa (Jesus) 106. Isa -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Jesus in English 107. Ishaq or Isaac -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Isaac in English 108. Jamil -name meaning- Beautiful 109. Jalal -name meaning- Eminence, prestige, superbness 110. Jamal -name meaning- Beauty 111. Jihad -name meaning- Struggle in the cause of God 112. Jibreel -name meaning- Name of an angel, Gabriel in English 113. Karim -name meaning- Generous, noble 114. Kabir -name meaning- Great 115. Kafil -name meaning- Sponsor, surety, responsible 116. Khabir -name meaning- Expert 117. Kathir -name meaning- Much, a lot 118. Katib -name meaning- Writer, scribe 119. Khalid    -name meaning- Immortal 120. Khalaif -name meaning- Successors, deputies, agents, refers to humans being God’s agents of good on earth 121. Khalidin                -name meaning- Immortal Ones 122. Khalidun -name meaning- Immortal ones 123. Khalifa -name meaning- Successor, deputy, agent 124. Khashiyin -name meaning- Ones who fear God 125. Khalil -name meaning- Close friend 126. Kiram -name meaning- Respected and generous ones 127. Khulafa -name meaning- Deputies, agents, successors 128. Luqman -name meaning- Name of a wise man mentioned in the Quran 129. Latif -name meaning- Gentle, subtly kind 130. Mahmud -name meaning- Praiseworthy 131. Mahd -name meaning- Bed, cradle 132. Mahfuz -name meaning- Protected one 133. Mamdud -name meaning- Extended, extensive, large 134. Majeed                -name meaning- Glorious, honorable 135. Makan -name meaning- Place 136. Makeen -name meaning- Distinguished, influential, deep-rooted 137. Maqam -name meaning- Status, place 138. Mamnun -name meaning- Very thankful, indebted. It can also mean never-ending, uninterrupted 139. Mamoun -name meaning- Safe, away from harm 140. Masaabih -name meaning- Lamps 141. Marqum -name meaning- Labelled, marked 142. Maruf -name meaning- Good, customary 143. Marzi -name meaning- Cause for contentment, a person that God is pleased with 144. Masrur -name meaning- Happy, joyful 145. Mashhad -name meaning- Scene 146. Mashhud -name meaning- Witnessed 147. Mashkur -name meaning- Appreciated 148. Mashreq -name meaning- East 149. Masir -name meaning- Destiny, fate 150. Miqdar -name meaning- Amount, measure 151. Matin -name meaning- Firm, strong 152. Mawid, Moweid -name meaning- Appointment 153. Mazid -name meaning- More 154. Midrar -name meaning- Abundant, copious, exuberant, flowing 155. Mikal -name meaning- Name of an angel 156. Miras -name meaning- Inheritance, heritage 157. Mizan -name meaning- Balance, scales, measure 158. Mouminun -name meaning- Believers 159. Moumin -name meaning- Believer 160. Mubsir  -name meaning- Well-informed, skilled, keen, intelligent 161. Mubarak -name meaning- Blessed 162. Mubashir -name meaning- Bringer of good news 163. Mubashirin -name meaning- Bringers of good news 164. Muflihun -name meaning- Successful ones 165. Mubsirun -name meaning- Well-informed ones, skilled ones, keen ones 166. Mudakir -name meaning- One who remembers God, cannot be written as Muzakir 167. Mudasir -name meaning- Wrapped, covered 168. Muflihin -name meaning- Successful ones 169. Muhsinin -name meaning- Doers of good deeds 170. Muhajir -name meaning- Migrator for the cause of God 171. Muhammad, Mohamed -name meaning- Praiseworthy 172. Muhit    -name meaning- Encompassing, aware of, knowledgeable about, ocean, ambiance 173. Muhsin, Mohsen -name meaning- Doer of good deeds 174. Muhtadin -name meaning- Well-guided ones 175. Muhsinun -name meaning- Doers of good deeds 176. Muhtad or Muhtadi -name meaning- Well-guided 177. Mukhlas -name meaning- Chosen 178. Muhtadun -name meaning- Guided ones 179. Mujahidun -name meaning- Ones who struggle in the cause of God 180. Mukhbitin -name meaning- Humble ones 181. Munib -name meaning- One who returns to God, one who always repents 182. Mukhlasin -name meaning- Chosen ones 183. Mukhlis                -name meaning- Devoted, sincere 184. Mukhlisin -name meaning- Sincere ones, devoted ones 185. Mukhlisun -name meaning- Sincere ones 186. Mukramin -name meaning- Respected and honored ones 187. Munzirun -name meaning- Warners 188. Munibin -name meaning- Repenting ones 189. Muntasir -name meaning- Victorious ones, ones supporting each other to attain victory 190. Muntasirin -name meaning- Victorious ones, ones who support each other to attain success 191. Munzir  -name meaning- Warner 192. Munzirin -name meaning- Warners 193. Murshid -name meaning- Guide 194. Muqam                -name meaning- Station, resting place, refers to Paradise in the Quran 195. Muqim -name meaning- Resident, permanent, establisher 196. Muqinin -name meaning- Those who have achieved certainty of heart 197. Muslih -name meaning- Reformer, one who improves things 198. Musa -name meaning- Name of a Prophet, Moses in English 199. Musadiq -name meaning- Acknowledger of truth, one who acknowledges God’s existence and powers 200. Musalin -name meaning- Praying ones 201. Mustabin -name meaning- Clear 202. Muslihin -name meaning- Doers of good 203. Muslihun -name meaning- Doers of good, reformers 204. Muslim -name meaning- Muslim, one who has submitted to God 205. Muslimin -name meaning- Muslims, submitters 206. Muslimun -name meaning- Muslims 207. Mustaqir -name meaning- Stable, firmly established, strong 208. Mustabsirin -name meaning- Perceptive, endowed with perception, intelligent 209. Mustafin -name meaning- Chosen ones 210. Mustaghfirin -name meaning- Ones who pray for forgiveness 211. Mustaqar -name meaning- Home, abode, place of residence, used to refer to Paradise 212. Mustaqim -name meaning- Straight 213. Muttaqin -name meaning- Ones who are mindful of God 214. Mustaslimun -name meaning- Ones who have submitted themselves to God 215. Mutaqun -name meaning- Ones who fear God, righteous ones 216. Mutasadiqin -name meaning- Givers of charity 217. Mutmaenin -name meaning- Ones whose hearts are at peace 218. Muzamil -name meaning- Covered 219. Muzakir -name meaning- One who remembers God 220. Naseeb -name meaning- Share, fortune 221. Naeem -name meaning- Bliss 222. Najm -name meaning- Star, stars 223. Naqib -name meaning- Leader, representative 224. Nasr -name meaning- Victory 225. Naseer -name meaning- Helper, supporter 226. Nasih -name meaning- Giver of advice 227. Nasihin -name meaning- Givers of advice 228. Nasihun -name meaning- Givers of advice, well-intentioned and sincere 229. Nasir -name meaning- Supporter 230. Nasirin -name meaning- Supporters 231. Nazeer -name meaning- Warner, one who brings a warning. Used to refer to the Prophet PBUH, because he warns against disobeying God. 232. Nuh, Nooh, Noah -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Noah in English 233. Qadirin -name meaning- Able ones 234. Ozair, Uzair -name meaning- A prophet, Ezra in English 235. Qadeer -name meaning- Extremely capable 236. Qadir     -name meaning- Able, powerful 237. Qanit -name meaning- Devoted to God 238. Qadirun -name meaning- Able ones 239. Qaim -name meaning- Standing, upright, one who stays up late at night to pray 240. Qaimun                -name meaning- Standing ones, upright ones, ones who stay up late at night to pray 241. Qawamun -name meaning- Protectors, maintainers, ones in charge 242. Qanitin -name meaning- Devout ones, pious ones 243. Qanitun -name meaning- Ones who are devoted to God 244. Qarib -name meaning- Near 245. Qawamin -name meaning- Upright ones, those who follow God’s commandments 246. Qiyam -name meaning- To stand upright, to stay up late at night to pray 247. Qawi -name meaning- Strong 248. Qayyim -name meaning- Valid, reasonable, worthy, valuable, precious 249. Qayyum -name meaning- Guardian, sustainer 250. Rafiq -name meaning- Companion, companionship 251. Raafi -name meaning- Exalter, raiser 252. Rafee -name meaning- Exalted, highest 253. Raqim -name meaning- Inscription, letter, message 254. Raghib -name meaning- Seeker, desirous 255. Raghibun -name meaning- Seekers, desirous ones 256. Raheem -name meaning- Merciful 257. Rahimin -name meaning- Ones who are merciful 258. Rauf, Raouf -name meaning- Compassionate, sympathetic 259. Rashad -name meaning- Well-guidedness 260. Rasheed, Rashid -name meaning- Well-guided, mature 261. Rashidun -name meaning- Well-guided ones 262. Rasikhun -name meaning- Ones who are deep-rooted and firmly established 263. Rushd, Roshd -name meaning- Maturity, well-guidedness, sound judgment 264. Sabir -name meaning- Patient 265. Sabiq -name meaning- Competitor, overtaker, foremost 266. Sabiqin -name meaning- Those who compete with others in good deeds 267. Sabiqun -name meaning- Ones who compete with others in goodness 268. Sadiq -name meaning- Tellers of truth 269. Sabirun -name meaning- Patient ones 270. Sabit -name meaning- Firmly established, deep-rooted 271. Sadeeq -name meaning- Friend 272. Safwan -name meaning- Rock 273. Sadiqat -name meaning- Tellers of truth 274. Sadiqin -name meaning- Those who tell the truth 275. Sadiqun                -name meaning- Tellers of truth, trustworthy ones 276. Sajidin -name meaning- Prostrating ones, ones who worship God often 277. Sahib -name meaning- Friend, companion 278. Sahil -name meaning- Beach, river bank, shore 279. Said, Saeed -name meaning- Happy, successful 280. Saimin -name meaning- Fasting ones 281. Sajid -name meaning- Prostrating one 282. Salihin -name meaning- Pious ones 283. Sajidun -name meaning- Prostrating ones 284. Sakhr -name meaning- Rocks 285. Salih -name meaning- Pious, not corrupt 286. Salihain -name meaning- Good and virtuous ones 287. Samer -name meaning- Good friend 288. Salihun -name meaning- Pious and good ones 289. Salim -name meaning- Unharmed, safe and sound, un-corrupt, whole, complete 290. Salimun                -name meaning- Safe and unharmed ones 291. Samee -name meaning- Perceptive, one who hears 292. Shahidin -name meaning- Witnesses 293. Saqib -name meaning- Sharp, penetrating 294. Shadid -name meaning- Strong, severe, intense 295. Shaheed -name meaning- Witness, martyr 296. Shahid -name meaning- Witness 297. Shidad -name meaning- Strong and severe ones 298. Shahidun -name meaning- Witnesses 299. Shakir -name meaning- Thankful 300. Shakirin -name meaning- Thankful ones, appreciative ones 301. Shakirun -name meaning- Thankful ones 302. Shakur -name meaning- Thankful, appreciative, grateful 303. Shuhud -name meaning- Witnesses 304. Shihab -name meaning- Shooting star 305. Shuaib -name meaning- Name of a prophet 306. Sidr -name meaning- A type of tree in Palestine 307. Shukur -name meaning- Thanks, gratitude 308. Siddiq -name meaning- One who always tells the truth, on who acknowledges the truth 309. Siddiqin -name meaning- Pious and virtuous ones, supporters of truth 310. Siddiqun -name meaning- Pious and virtuous ones, supporters of truth 311. Sulaiman -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Solomon in English 312. Subh, Sobh -name meaning- Morning 313. Subut -name meaning- Continuation, constancy, steadiness, validity 314. Taha -name meaning- Two letters of unknown meaning that make up Quran 315. Tafsil -name meaning- To detail, elaboration, details 316. Tafzil -name meaning- To prefer, to give precedence to 317. Talib -name meaning- Seeker 318. Tahwil   -name meaning- Change, alteration, conversion 319. Taqi -name meaning- Mindful of God 320. Taqdir -name meaning- Appraisal, assessment, determination. Can also mean regard, esteem 321. Tasin -name meaning- Two letters of unknown meaning at the start of chapter 27 of the Quran 322. Tareeq -name meaning- Road, way 323. Tariq -name meaning- One who knocks, one who arrives at night, or the name of a star 324. Tasdiq -name meaning- Attestation, endorsement, to say that something is true or good 325. Tayyib -name meaning- Good, virtuous 326. Taslim -name meaning- Surrender, submission 327. Tawab -name meaning- One who repents often. It also means one who accepts repentance, one who forgives others 328. Tawfiq, Taufique -name meaning- Success 329. Tayibin -name meaning- Good and virtuous ones 330. Tayibun                -name meaning- Good and virtuous ones 331. Wahab -name meaning- Generous 332. Wadi      -name meaning- Valley 333. Wadud -name meaning- Loving 334. Wali -name meaning- Governor, prefect, ruler 335. Wahid -name meaning- One, unique 336. Wakil -name meaning- Deputy, agent, trustee 337. Walee -name meaning- Friend, patron 338. Wasat -name meaning- Moderate, medium, in the middle 339. Waqar -name meaning- Calmness, composure, dignity, poise, solemnity 340. Wildan -name meaning- Youths, boys 341. Yaseer  -name meaning- Easy, uncomplicated, without obstacles 342. Yahya -name meaning- Name of a prophet, known as John in English 343. Yaqoub -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Jacob in English 344. Yusuf -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Joseph in English. 345. Yazid -name meaning- He increases in virtue, he makes progress 346. Yunus -name meaning- Names of a prophet, known as Jonah in English 347. Zahidin -name meaning- Ascetic, austere, pious 348. Zaheer -name meaning- Supporter 349. Zakirin -name meaning- Ones who remember God 350. Zaif -name meaning- Guest 351. Zaim, Zaeem -name meaning- Leader, in charge, responsible 352. Zakariya -name meaning- Name of a prophet, Zachariah in English 353. Zaki -name meaning- Pure, good 354. Zulkfil -name meaning- Name of a prophet, may mean One who carried out his responsibility 355. Zayd, Zaid -name meaning- Increase, prosperity 356. Zuljalal -name meaning- Majestic

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