GP Balance Transfer System 2022

By | July 15, 2022
GP Balance Transfer System 2022

Today we are going to discuss with you one of the most popular and useful mobile service balance transfer rules of Grameenphone. Grameenphone Telecommunication Company has launched a new feature where you can now easily transfer balances from Grameen to Grameen and from Grameen to any other operator from the comfort of your home.

However, in this case, you do not have to follow special instructions, otherwise the transfer is not possible. Detailed information on how to use Grameenphone’s Balance Transfer System.

What is GP Balance Transfer ?

You need to know the details before you know about GP Balance Transfer. Balance transfer is a method by which you can send money from your mobile or megabytes to another number in which case a certain amount of charge is applied.

In order to adopt this method, you must first register and you can transfer balance from 50 to 100 Taka per SMS where a limit has been given and you can transfer a maximum balance of one thousand Taka. However, the authority has also limit the transfer system.  An User can send 10 Times balance transfer in a month.

 GP Balance Transfer Registration Procedure

If you want to transfer Grameenphone balance, first you need to know how to register to transfer balance. The GP Balance Transfer registration process is now much easier than before, but anyone can relate if you want. You can complete the registration via My GP app or USSD code.

The operating system has been divided into two parts. New customers will be able to use the dial code through the new SIM registration system as well as those who have used the old SIM will be able to do it via SMS. We have discussed two issues here.

New Sim Balance Transfer Registration Method

Are you new user and you want to transfer your balance to another GP Sim? Then, you have to registered first. Lets show you the full instructions below the article.

  • You should go to your mobile dial pad and dial *121*1500# to complete the registration.
  • At first dial the code and follow on screen instruction.
  • Then you need to press 1 in order to get registered to the service.

Note : You can transfer the balance from myGP App. If you have not installed the app, you should collect it from Google Play Store.

Old Sim Registration Method

The old sim users should follow the SMS method to complete the registration which we given here. Just follow this and try to do this like it.

  • Firstly, you should go to your mobile message option and type
  • REGI and send the message to 1000.
  • In reply, you will get a Pin Number on your mobile.
  • Collect the PIN to complete the balance transfer.

GP to GP Balance Transfer System

Transferring the mobile balance one sim to another sim is an easy task. As a result, anyone can do this. So, you must follow the instructions which we given here.

  • You need to go your mobile message option and dial *121*1500#.
  • Next press 2.
  • Put the mobile number where you want to send the money.
  • Input the amount which you want to transfer. Remind it that you can send 10 to 100 Taka per SMS.
  • Finally, you must input your PIN NUMBER.
  • Your balance transfer has been completed.

You can also send the money through mobile SMS. It is also an easy to to transfer balance GP to GP Sim.

Go to your mobile message option and type

BTR(space)****(PIN)(space)0171***(mb no)(space)100(amount)

Example: BTR 1234 017234233** 100

Send the SMS to 1000 number.

Balance Transfer Pin Change System

If you want to change the pin number, you can easily do this. However, you need to follow our instructions to change it.


Dial Method

  • You need to dial *121*1500# for change.
  • Press 3 to change the pin.
  • Put your Old Pin Number.
  • Give your New PIN NUMBER.
  • Again input the same PIN to confirm the change.
  • Your pin has been changed successfully.

SMS Method

Go to your message option and type

CPIN (space) OLDPIN (space) NEWPIN (space) NEWPIN

Example: CPIN 1234 4321 4321

Send the message to 1000 number.

Banglalink to GP Balance Transfer

There are many Bengali users who want to transfer balance from their operator to GP but they may not know that it is possible to transfer balance from one mobile operator only to that operator.

The service has not been launched in any other operator yet.  However, the mobile telecom operator has contacted BTRC and they have decided that the service will be launched soon.

Finally we would like to inform you that if you follow the above instructions then you will be able to transfer the balance very easily but if there is any problem in the case of balance transfer then you must let us know and we will try to solve your problem.  Stay with our website for any other mobile operator balance transfer information including GP.

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