Nagad to BKash & BKash to Nagad Balance Transfer System 2022

By | July 13, 2022
Nagad to BKash & BKash to Nagad Balance Transfer System 2022

In this age of information and communication technology we do not have to carry money and now we are transferring money from one end of the country to the other. 

Although there are large banking services for money transfer, mobile banking is the most popular nowadays.  With the advent of mobile banking, our new era has started, due to which we can now send lakhs of rupees from one mobile to another from the comfort of our home. 

Cash and Development is one of the few mobile banking services in Bangladesh.  Over time, the number of customers of these two mobile banking companies has increased and competition has been created between them. 

Those of you who have used Cash or bKash are much more interested to know how to transfer cash from bKash to bKash and from bKash to cash. 

For their purposes we have presented all the information in detail here so that you can easily understand this balance transfer system.

Nagad to bKash balance Transfer

In the first part of the discussion we will tell you about the method of balance transfer from city to bKash but before you know it you must follow some guidelines otherwise you will not be able to transfer balance in any way.

  • You must need a Nagad account and the receiver has also a bKash account. Otherwise, the money will not be transferred.
  • You should use the Nagad Official Mobile app for better service.
  • Only 10tk will be send to a bKash number.

Send Money Procedure

After reading the above instructions you may want to transfer the balance. Now we will show you how to transfer the balance in cash development. 

  • First of all, let me tell you that the Nagad mobile app must be on your mobile, if not, then you must go to the Google Play Store and install it. 
  • Open the Nagad app and provide your cash number and PIN number. 
  • Tap on the Send Money option.
  •  Properly fill in the bKash number to which you want to transfer money. 
  • Use any reference number that the groom likes. 
  • Provide the cash PIN number. 
  • Click on Next option. 
  • After waiting for a while you will get a confirmation message that your money has been transferred.

A mobile SMS will be sent to the bkash number to which the money has been sent and you will need to withdraw the money in due time.  Many of us who have not yet opened a cash account would like to say that if you want to open a cash account then dial now *167# from any operator.

bKash to Nagad Balance Transfer

Since it is possible to transfer balance from cash number to bKash number, as a bKash user you will also go to transfer money from your account to cash number. 

This is one of the advantages of Mobile Bank as it allows you to transfer balance within any fast time of any mobile banking in the country.  In this part of the discussion we have given instructions to transfer the balance of Nagad from bKash.

  • In order to transfer the balance to the cash account from the side, you must install the bKash app. If you do not have this app on your mobile phone, then you can style it now from the Google Play Store.  On the other hand, you can transfer balance using USSD code, but you can easily transfer balance through mobile application. 
  • Open your bKash app and click on the send money option. 
  • Provide the Nagad account number of the receiver at the designated place. 
  • Give the reference number of your choice. 
  • Pay the amount. 
  • Enter your bKash PIN number. 
  • Tap the longest and a confirmation message will come to the mobile number to which you sent the money.

Keep in mind that you cannot transfer money in any way without a bKash account so you can easily open a bKash account by visiting your nearest bKash center or from any bKash agent with National ID card and all necessary information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can i transfer money from Nagad to Nagad ?

Ans: You can easily transfer money from Nagad to Nagad by following the instructions given above.  However, keep in mind that the number to which you want to transfer the balance must have a NagadQ account, otherwise the money will not be credited to that number.

Q: Is Nagad Send Money Free?

Ans: Yes, Send Money from the Nagad is absolutely free so you can transfer Nagad balance from the Nagad as many times as you like.

Q: Is it possible to send money from Nagad to bKash account?

Ans: According to the rules of Bangladesh Bank, you can only send to the mobile number you use. There is no rule to transfer money to any other mobile bank.  However, it is hoped that this method will be launched soon, then you will be able to transfer the balance.

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