Airtel Balance Transfer System 2022

By | July 13, 2022
Airtel Balance Transfer System 2022

At the beginning of the discussion we will discuss Airtel’s balance transfer. Balance transfer refers to who you send a certain amount of mobile balance from one mobile number to another. 

This system has gained a lot of popularity lately because of the problems in our daily life. Suppose you are talking in a hurry but you are in a place where it is not possible to give any easy load. In this case you can transfer the balance from your friend.


Ethel has launched a balance transfer system for its customers. You can now enjoy this popular service from anywhere in the country. 

You can transfer 5 to 100 taka balance where you Can Transfer via mobile SMS or code. Those of you who are not aware of this method can easily do so by following our instructions.

Balance Transfer Procedure

If you need to transfer the balance then you must do it, but you have to be very careful in this case because if you do not follow the proper procedure, you will not be able to transfer the balance in any way. 

You can transfer Airtel to Airtel balance from Deepak Airtel to any other operator as well. We have discussed two methods in detail here.

If you want to transfer balance from Airtel to Airtel via SMS on mobile then first go to message option on your mobile and type

BTR XXXX (PIN – OPTIONAL) 016XXXXXXXX (Receiver Mobile Number) 100 (Amount) and send SMS to 1000.

Pin Reset Method

Although pin code is not important for Airtel to Airtel balance transfer, if you somehow forget to do Airtel Pin, you can reset it.

  • The Request PIN Code Process is: Type PIN and send to 1000
  • To Enable PIN: Type PIN and send to 1000
  • To Disable PIN: Type PIN OFF and send to 1000
  • For More details, SMS Help to 1000

Airtel Balance Transfer Code

In addition to sending SMS to mobile, you can easily transfer balance between Airtel to Airtel and other operators by dialing USSD code.  There will deduct your separate VAT for sending SMS to mobile but if you do not deduct the balance through USSD code then simply transfer the balance via USSD code by following the instructions below.

  • Firstly, you should go to your mobile dialpad.
  • If you want to transfer balance from Airtel to Airtel, dial *1212#. This code is the same if you want to transfer balance from Airtel to Robi.
  • For Robi to Airtel, you need to dial *123*4#.
  • After that you will get some options.
  • Press Balance Transfer Option.
  • Input the Receiver Phone Number accurately.
  • Put the amount which you want to send.
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation SMS. Then, 2.55 Taka will be deducted from your account.

Balance Transfer Through App

Airtel mobile operators have launched their official application which you will enjoy special benefits if you use it.  In case of balance, this app will play an important role for you, due to which you do not have to send any USSD code and SMS. Only if this app is installed, any mobile operator in the country can easily transfer money from it.

  • You should install the My Airtel App on your phone. If you have not installed it, collect it from Google Play store.
  • Open the app.
  • Tap on Balance Transfer.
  • Put the Receiver Mobile Number.
  • Enter the balance transfer amount.
  • Then, you will get a OTP code.
  • Use it and complete your transfer.

Airtel Balance Transfer to GP

Most Airtel customers want to transfer their balance to Grameenphone number. Due to the large number of Grameenphone mobile users across the country, we feel comfortable to transfer the balance to this number. 

Authorities have already contacted several mobile operators and entered into new balance transfer agreements with them, but no agreement has been reached with Grameenphone so far, which has prevented Airtel’s balance transfer service from launching with Grameenphone.  But hopefully they will be launched soon and you will enjoy this service.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only Airtel prepaid customers can use Airtel Balance Transfer service. 
  • In case of balance transfer, your main balance must be valid for 30 days. 
  • Later you can send 5 to 100 taka. 
  • You can transfer 500 Taka only in a single day.
  • A maximum balance ofc1000  can be transferred in a month.

Last Words

Finally we would like to tell you that Airtel is one of the most popular mobile telecommunication operators in the country due to which you can use the mobile operator to get advanced services.  Then you can easily transfer the balance.

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