How to Go Sundarban 2022 by Car, Train & Bus Full Guideline

By | July 7, 2022

This country is a land of great beauty. Due to the abundance of natural beauty in this country, every year people from different parts of the country and abroad come to visit different parts of our country to see the scenery. The Sundarbans is one of the most visited natural beauty destinations in Bangladesh.

Located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, people from home and abroad are flocking to see this Sundarbans. The Sundarbans is located in Khulna, Satkhira and Tiger districts of Bangladesh, while India includes a few more districts, including the state of West Bengal. Out of the total 10 thousand square kilometers, 6 thousand kilometers of the Sundarbans are located in Bangladesh and the rest is connected with India.

Those of you who are nature lovers feel comfortable to visit the Sundarbans as here you will see a variety of birds including the Royal Bengal Tiger, deer, crocodiles and other landscapes. Every year people from different parts of the country come to visit the Sundarbans which is why if you decide to come here then you need a guide line.

To guide you, we have discussed in detail here how you will go to the Sundarbans and what you will see. So you must read our full article and we will get an idea from here about how to get to the Sundarbans by bus, train and car.

How to Go Sundarban?

If you plan to visit the Sundarbans, there are several ways you can go, both by land and by water. Those of you who want to go to Khulna by land, car or bus by train can go easily. On the other hand, for those who want to visit the Sundarbans by water, launches have been arranged in the morning and at night.

There are many of you who live in Dhaka city who want to go to Sundarbans for Dhaka. First of all, I would like to tell them that if you go by bus, you will get a direct bus to Khulna. You can easily reach Sundarbans by bus.Screenshot-2022-06-30-at-8-48-04-AM


On the other hand you can go to Khulna by train or plane which is why you can first buy a train ticket from Khulna which can be picked up from Kamalapur railway station. If you want to go to Sundarbans by plane, you will be dropped off at Jessore and from there you will have to reach Khulna.

You can reach Khulna by renting a bus or by card. There are several hotels in Khulna for your stay where you can spend your days and nights in comfort and leave for the Sundarbans in the morning.

To reach Khulna you have to take a private car or bus from Mongla port which is about 50 kilometers away. From Mongla Hat you will be taken by Sundarbans trawler or launch where it will take you more than two hours to reach. In the morning you can Khulna to Mongla and at night you can back from there.

On the other hand, a launch has been arranged to go to the Sundarbans which is released directly from the steamer wharf in Khulna in the morning. Launches are operated by a variety of travel agencies so you must purchase tickets before boarding the launch.

How Much Does It Cost?

Different travel companies offer different types of packets for such trips so if you are planning to travel to the Sundarbans then you can contact them and make an advance booking. This will allow you to travel to the Sundarbans from one end of the country at a low cost, in which case you will get everything from the official food snacks to the travel cost.

To help you, we have published a list of packages offered in Khulna and Mongla.



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