GP Call List Check 2022

By | July 6, 2022

Grameenphone is the most popular and most used mobile operator in the country. Each of us has a Grameenphone SIM in our mobile that we are constantly receiving incoming and outgoing calls to a certain number of SIMs. Throughout the day, calls come from various known and unknown numbers of your mobile number. You can easily identify the contact list of the mobile numbers that are saved in your mobile, and the call to your SIM from many unknown numbers may remain unknown to you.

It is very important for you to know this call list in case your call list is lost for any reason or you can delete it. The call list lets you know the number of people who have called you in an emergency so far, and their number is reserved for you.

But if for some reason your call list is lost or deleted from you, then you fall into extreme anxiety. There is no reason to worry as Grameenphone has recently launched a number of new features to serve its customers, one of which is online e-care.

Currently, all Grameenphone prepaid customers will be able to get a list of all incoming and outgoing calls received on their mobile through this service. So for those of you who want to know about this topic i.e. check the GP call list, today’s article is written where we are going to let you know how to find out.

GP Call List Check

Checking the call list of Grameenphone SIM is not a difficult task at all but if it is lost for any reason then it becomes a new challenge for you. However, in this age of information technology, nothing is impossible. Now you can easily check your call history through online. So follow our instructions below and easily check the GP call list.

GP Minute Check Code

In general, GP has launched a two-way call list checking service. The first is the e-care service that all Grameenphone users can access through the website. Another thing is that you can also find out the call list through GP official application My GP app. In the discussion we have given you in detail all the information on two topics that can be followed to check the GP call list online offline.

GP Call List Check Online by E-Care

Recently Grameenphone has run a website for the convenience of their users through which you can enjoy a variety of facilities. It is possible to get all the call lists of Grameenphone through online service but you must know the exact rules so that you can use this feature.

GP Balance Transfer System

  • Firstly, you should go to- website.
  • Click on to E-Care category.
  • Input your Mobile Number for the 1st Time Registration.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from GP at your number.
  • Then, Log in GP E-care to use the service.
  • Basically, you can see 5 previous call history.
  • By clicking view all history, you can see last 30 days call history.
  • For example, you can see the history of incoming and outgoing calls, sending SMS, receiving SMS and internet data usage.

Call List Check through My GP App

Grameenphone has launched their official application so those of you who use the MyGP app must know that all your call history can be easily viewed through this application. However, there are many people who are unaware of this issue, we have mentioned here how to make a call using the My GP app.

  • First, enter the Google Play Store and download the My GP app.
  • Login to My GP app by providing your mobile number.
  • Click on the Check Call History option from there to see the various features of My GP app.
  • Finally a list of incoming and outgoing calls from your mobile will appear with you.

Final Words

You already know about and Grameenphone’s new facility through which to check call history. GP Company continues to provide the highest level of service to its customers. Stay tuned to our website for any Grameen Phone issues.

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