Direct Bilirubin Test Price

By | July 5, 2022

Today we will talk about direct bilirubin test. Those of you who don’t know anything about this test yet can learn a lot from us here. The bilirubin test is a simple and blood test and this test is used to diagnose jaundice in your body.

Those of you who have been suffering from this disease for a long time must read today’s article and try to know how to get rid of this disease and the importance of this test in medical services. You will get all the information from this article about where you will test and how much it will cost you and how to prepare for the test. So why delay and collect information from us immediately.

Why do Direct Bilirubin Test?

Your body is much worse for a long time. Occasionally there is a fever but you can’t eat anything. As soon as you eat, you vomit and your body looks like it has become anemic. The color of your urine will turn absolutely yellow and the color of your body will turn almost pale yellow.

When you go to the doctor with all these diseases, the doctor must ask you to test for bilirubin. Then you must have this test because you may have jaundice and this little test can diagnose it and if you diagnose it you can recover very quickly.

About Direct Bilirubin Test Report

Those of you who have had bilirubin tests and reports are much worse, don’t be tense. We will give you an idea about the test report today. If a small amount of report is bad then you don’t have to stress. You can sit at home, rest in the room, eat regularly and drink as much water as you can.

You can eat saline and coconut water if you want so you can get well easily. But if too many reports are bad, you may need to have a liver test again, which means you may have to check if your liver is infected.

There are many unknown things about Direct Bilirubin Test

Hall is an orange-yellow color that usually occurs when part of a red blood cell breaks down. Now your liver starts taking bilirubin from your blood and changes the chemical makeup so that it mostly passes through your rectum as bile.

If your bilirubin levels are higher than normal, it is a sign that your red blood cells are breaking down at an abnormal rate or your liver is not breaking down waste properly and clearing bilirubin from your blood. And goes through your stool.

Direct Bilirubin Test Cost

We go to the hospital for medical treatment but we suffer in most of the hospitals in Bangladesh. The main reason for suffering is that there are some problems in our medical services due to which low cost tests cost a lot and patients suffer.

You will have a request that you go to the test after checking and sorting properly. If you want to get direct test in all government hospitals and Karmitola General Hospital in Bangladesh, it will cost a maximum of Rs 60.

If you want to do this test in all the big non-governmental organizations like Popular Diagnostic Center all over Bangladesh then your cost will be 350 to 400 Taka.

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