Albumin Test Price in Bangladesh

This type of test is usually given to patients who have kidney problems or have difficulty urinating. There are many who have been suffering from kidney disease for a long time. Again, those who have diabetes for a long time, this test if the body is bad at different times. This is the amount of albumin in the urine.

Albumin is an essential element in our body and if a large amount of this albumin is excreted through the urine, the patient will become much sicker. So to deal with this situation the patient is first brought under this test and it is seen how much albumin is going out of his body.

Today you can know all the information of albumin test from here. You will learn the pros and cons of albumin testing and how to do these tests. You can also find out more about which albumin test you can take in which hospitals and private institutions in Bangladesh.

Why We Test Albumin?

This test is usually performed on patients with chronic kidney disease and who have had diabetes for a long time. This test helps to understand the amount of albumin in the body and how much albumin is being released from the body.

If the doctor gave you this test, you must think that they are thinking of you as a patient who is releasing a lot of albumin from the body. Because of which patients may get sick, the doctor has given you this test through which you can diagnose a disease.

Albumin Reports All Aspects of Good and Bad

This is a very important test. However, if the test report is good then there is no problem for you and you do not have to do anything. If the report of this test is a little bad then you must take some medicine which the specialist doctor will give you.

But if you have too much albumin out of your body before you realize it and you can detect it through tests, then you should wait and see a specialist medicine doctor. He will give you advice on what to do next or how to proceed.

What is Albumin?

Many people don’t know anything about albumin test and they are scared when doctor prescribes this test. There is nothing to be afraid of, usually there is an element in the album that is very sensitive and it can do a lot of damage to your body if it is excreted with your urine.

This test usually requires you to provide a urine sample and you can get the albumin test report within 30 minutes. The cost of the albumin test is so low that we will try to inform you below separately.

Albumin Test Price in Bangladesh

You can take albumin test in all government hospitals in Bangladesh and the cost of this albumin test is officially fixed at only 100 Taka.

In addition, if you want, there are private institutions like Islamic Bank Hospital, Popular Diagnostic Center, Ibn Sina, etc. If you do these tests, your cost may be a little higher.


If you take albumin test from all non-government organizations in Bangladesh, your cost may be 150 to 200 Taka.