MV Surovi Launch Schedule, Ticket Price & Contact Number

By | May 30, 2022

Many may have heard of MV Surovi Launch as they have been providing very good quality service till now as always. For those of you who like to launch Jada through launches in Patuakhali, Barisal, Jhalokati, Bhola, Pirojpur districts, various launches of Surovi Company may be the launch of choice.

The launches of this company leave Dhaka Sadarghat Launch Terminal for different destinations at different times. However, we will give you a detailed idea about these issues so there is no reason to worry.

You will first learn about the schedule of these launches from here. You will also find out about the ticket prices of these people. You can find out more about the mobile numbers of these people. The three-storey launch has a total passenger capacity of 890 people.

MV Surovi Launch Mobile Number

Mobile number requirements can be a passenger for different tasks at different times. However, not everyone has these mobile numbers or collecting them is a very complicated process. So we have collected the hot line numbers of MV Surovi Launch. You can call this hotline number directly for any need and try to solve your problem. Their mobile number is heart – 01718 453989.

MV Surovi Launch Schedule

We will now discuss the launch schedule. We will now inform you about the time when this launch is operated from Dhaka to Barisal. Of course, you will notice the issues with your attention.

A launch of this company leaves Dhaka Sadarghat Launch Terminal for Barisal every night at 8:30 pm. If all goes well then the bus launch of this company will reach Barisal at 4:10 in the morning. This is the time of passengers in Dhaka.

There is a special time for those who want to come to Dhaka from Barisal. If you want to come to Dhaka from Barisal, you have to start the journey from Barisal at 8:30 every night and this journey will come to Dhaka and end at 5:10 in the morning.

MV Surovi Launch Ticket Price

As I said before, the launch of this company is constantly trying to provide passenger service and there are different classes of seating arrangements. There are seating arrangements for all types of trains starting from VIP cabins. The launch has 42 single cabins and 32 sofa arrangements, as well as 34 double cabins with four family cabins and a total of VIP double and single cabins.


  • The deck rent has been fixed at Rs.
  • The fare for VIP 1 has been fixed at Rs
  • The fare for VIP 2 has been fixed at Rs
  • VIP 3 fare has been fixed at Rs
  • The fare for VIP 4 has been fixed at Rs
  • Semi VIP fare has been fixed at 2600 rupees
  • The rent of single cabin is 850 rupees
  • The rent of double cabin is 1600 rupees
  • The rent of the family cabin is 1700 rupees
  • Sofa rent has been fixed at Rs.500.

Launch facilities

At present the launch has a variety of facilities such as a special place for prayers. There are also hotel arrangements for meals and doctors for first aid.

In addition, if you encounter any danger in the middle of the road, you can take the help of another launch. In addition, each launch has 130 different defensive equipment. We hope you enjoy the launch and that you can get to your destination on time.

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