Shyamoli Square Off Day 2022

By | May 30, 2022

Shyamoli Square is one of the most popular and high quality shopping malls in Dhaka city. Not only in Dhaka but also outside Dhaka people from different regions usually put this shopping mall at the top of the list for their shopping. Which is why if you decide to shop at this shopping mall then it is important for you to know about which days of the week the shopping mall is open and when it is closed.

In order to inform you, we have arranged today’s article by mentioning the day of shopping at Shyamoli Square Shopping Mall. Before you go shopping at Shyamoli Square Shopping Mall, you must know which day this shopping mall is closed. Otherwise you may suffer.

Shyamoli Shopping Mall is a big shopping mall where you can find everything from food shops to mobile shops, pharmacy cinema halls and even great shops like Shyamoli Square Cineplex. In a word, it is a marketplace where you can find everything you need for your daily use as well as entertainment.

Shymoli Square Shopping Mall

Shyamoli Square Shopping Mall Dhaka is the largest and most beautiful marketplace in the country. In this shopping mall you will find shops of all brands which makes people from every region of the country feel comfortable shopping in the shopping mall.

Shymoli square shopping mall restaurants, Shymoli squares mobile shop, Shymoli square food price, Shymoli square food court menu, shyamoli square movie ticket price, shyamoli square cineplex movie schedule, Brand New Shop, chef’s cuisine shyamoli square and more. For your convenience, we have provided you with different address location mobile numbers for each category as well as detailed information about what shopping malls are closed.

Lalbagh Kella Off Day

In the following section we have presented to you the mobile numbers and information of each store of Shyamoli Shopping Mall. You can purchase your product by contacting any store you need or online. The numbers given to us by Shyamoli Square Shopping Mall are collected from the shopping mall authorities so you can trust them without any hesitation.


Screenshot-2022-05-30-at-12-00-13-PMThe above information is based on the mobile numbers and opening hours of the store based on the instructions given by the authorities of the entire Shyamoli Square Market. If you visit this large marketplace in Dhaka for shopping and watching movies, you must read this article and try to enter the marketplace with the information provided.

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