Airtel All Service Off Code 2022

By | May 28, 2022

There is a big problem in front of you when you do not use Airtel SIM and that is that the services that you do not want are automatically turned on and a certain amount of balance is being deducted from your SIM again and again. Of course there is a solution to this and if you go to our website for solution then I think you have come to the right place to find the solution.

We make as much information as we need for our readers and try to talk about the information in a little more detail. Just like today without further ado we will tell you in different ways how you can stop all the services of Airtel SIM. There are several methods let’s know everything.

Airtel All Value Added Service Off Code 2022

You came here with a problem and we have to solve it. After the problems have been solved, it seems that it is nothing but when there is a problem, it seems that the problem is like a mountain. Similarly, if you want to turn off all the value added services of Airtel SIM at once, you can do so at once. We will teach you a code and a rule by which you can do these things very easily.

Banglalink All Services Off Code



Airtel All Value Added Service Off Code – * 9 #

You will dial the exact same code that we have written above and dial from Airtel SIM and immediately all the value added services activated from that SIM will be closed. Although the operator may require 72 hours for this, it may be completed as soon as you dial. It is a very simple method but many people are facing a lot of losses due to not knowing this method so I hope you who know this method once will not forget it later.

Teletalk All Services Off Code

Airtel All Value Added Service Off By SMS

Now you can know how to turn off these services through SMS. Of course for this you have to send SMS and to send this SMS you have to keep money in your balance. And you have to type SMS from Airtel SIM, type “STOP ALL” and send to 6888.

GP All Services Off Code

Airtel All Service Off Code 2022 Individually

If you can’t forget, let me explain. In fact, many people want to keep the service on, but want to keep those services off that there is no need for them. Suppose you run this service to get game updates before the World Cup, but what if you want to turn it off after the World Cup as well as keep other services on again? For this you must know the rules for shutting down the services separately and we have the solution for this problem. Now I will tell you how to turn off all these value added services differently from Airtel SIM.

Robi All Services Off Code

  • Cricket News Service Off * 121 * 9 * 2 #
  • Religious Warning To stop the service dial * 121 * 3 * 7 #
  • Health & Services To stop SMS service you need to dial * 121 * 3 * 8 #
  • To turn off the weather forecast SMS service dial * 121 * 3 * 11 #
  • If you want to stop Jokes SMS service * 121 * 3 * 14 #
  • Call block service stop code * 121 * 3 * 15 #
  • News Service Closing Code * 121 * 3 * 10 #

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