Banglalink IMO Pack 2022 – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Offer

Banglalink Company has come up with special offers of all types of internet packages for all its customers in 2022. However, many people do not know all these offers. Today we will talk about a sophisticated social media.

IMO is currently the most widely used social media in Bangladesh. There are many of us who use emu. Currently, every mobile operator company has announced a separate internet package on this IMO app. Anyone or any customer who wants to purchase internet package for using this IMO separately will be able to enjoy this facility. Today I am presenting to you all the detailed information about this IMO pack for Banglalink subscribers.

Banglalink IMO Offer 2022

This post is mainly for those who have Banglalink subscribers. Those of you who use other operators, please find the posts of other operators’ internet packages on our website. Only Banglalink subscribers can enjoy IMO Internet package from their Banglalink SIM.

GP Social Pack

In this article we have detailed information on how you can purchase these IMO internet packages and how you can enjoy them. So you will be requested to carefully collect all the information of these internet packages from us here.



Banglalink 250mb IMO Pack

Banglalink has come up with a 250mb internet package for its customers. You can easily avail this internet package as a Banglalink subscriber. The biggest thing is that it will cost you only 10 rupees to purchase this internet package.

Airtel IMO Pack Code

For 10 Taka, you can safely purchase this 250mb IMO Pack Internet Package for seven days. So the last thing is if you spend 10 taka a banglalink subscriber will be safe for one week to use his IMO.

Banglalink IMO Pack Code 2022

You know about packages but if you don’t know how to activate that package then let us know how you can activate it from here. Of course, as soon as you know any package, you should know the code to activate those packages.

Robi IMO Pack 

These are not police station codes. These are the code to activate the internet package which you have to dial from your mobile and buy the internet package. Here we will present the information of code for activating various internet packages of banglalink.

250mb IMO pack activation code

Banglalink has brought 250mb an IMO pack for its customers. Customers who want to receive this IMO Pack should dial * 5000 * 725 # with a certain amount of balance on their mobile. This is Banglalink’s IMO Pack Activation Code.

Teletalk IMO Pack

Terms & Conditions

  • You must be a Banglalink subscriber to enjoy this pack.
  • You need to have a specified balance in Banglalink SIM to purchase this pack.
  • It does not have auto-renewal system so you must purchase this pack for re-use after expiration of this pack.
  • Internet speed will depend on the internet speed of the place where you are located.

As always Banglalink is a very good quality mobile operator and they are constantly coming up with something new for their customers. Today we present to you a little information of banglalink.