Airtel Miss Call Alert Service On/Off Code 2022

By | May 26, 2022

The popular telecommunication operator has recently launched a new service for its customers due to the good news for Airtel mobile operator users. The new service, called Miss Call Alert, has sent a message of joy to its customers, as Airtel has never used such an amazing service before.

As an Airtel subscriber, you can now use a variety of Airtel services. But the service we are going to talk about today will change your current situation a lot. Airtel has recently launched a Miscellaneous Alert service which has brought a message of joy to its customers.

In order to inform you, we have collected all the detailed information about this Miss Call Alert Service which was published on the official website of Airtel and discussed the heat in detail through our website. So for those of you who want to turn this service on or off, follow our instructions below and enjoy it.

Airtel Miss Call Alert Service

Like other telecommunication operators in the country, Airtel has launched a miscellaneous alert service for its customers. The service is currently being promoted among the customers through their official website and various campaigns. Airtel has already activated its customer service on their mobiles.

If you would like to launch the Miscellaneous Alert service then we would like to discuss in detail the benefits of this service for you first. If your mobile phone is switched off for any reason then any urgent call from your family may come. After opening the mobile you will definitely want to find out the number of those who called you or wanted to contact you in case of emergency. But because the phone is off, you are not getting that opportunity, meaning that you will not have any information with the people who have tried to contact you while your phone is off.

If you want, you can find out about all your contact lists who called while your phone was off. And from this wonderful help full service we know it as Miscellaneous Alert. If you are still interested in launching the service then you can easily activate it by following the instructions below.

How to Active Airtel Miss Call Alert Service?

For those of you who want to launch Airtel SIM Miscellaneous Alert service, I would like to say that if your SIM is new then you can use this service for free for one year. To subscribe to this free service, you need to dial * 28272 * 11 # and get an option to press 1 to confirm your request. On the other hand, you will get the opportunity to use this service monthly. For that, go to the dial pad on your mobile and dial * 121 * 2 * 4 # and follow the instruction.

How to Stop Airtel Miss Call alert service?

If you are not interested in using this Miscellaneous Alert Service Cream then you can easily turn it off. But in this case you have to use a new dial code. Go to mobile dial pay option and dial * 28272 * 2 # or dialing * 121 * 3 * 4 # to stop the monthly fee Airtel miss call alert service.

Terms & Conditions

  • 11.50 taka (VAT+SD+SC included)will be cut from your account per month if you activate paying Airtel miss call alert service.
  • This offer is only free for new SIM users.
  • Any Airtel prepaid customer can avail this offer.

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