Shyamoli Paribahan 2022 All Counter Phone Number, Location & Online ticket

By | May 24, 2022

Shyamoli Paribahan is one of the most popular bus service transport system in Bangladesh. Sophisticated engine driven safe transportation system will be the best option for all those who prefer to make their own journey of Shyamoli Paribahan.

Building a bus may seem difficult and unsafe to many, but if you travel in a good quality bus, have a good journey. Shyamoli Paribahan has been running its own business in Bangladesh for more than two decades due to which this authority has been fulfilling the desires of the passengers for a long time.

Those of you who are regular passengers of this popular transport bus service will want to know the address number of their counter and how to purchase tickets online. In order to help you, we have presented all the information of Shyamoli Paribahan in 64 districts of Bangladesh, which have counter numbers in their upazilas and their location.

So we hope that by collecting the information that we have provided you will be able to travel from one place to another with the exact destination of Shyamoli Paribahan. Below we present in detail a list that contains all the information in the list.

Shyamoli Paribahan Contact Details

In this age of information technology everything is possible now from sitting at home. As Shyamoli Paribahan is the largest transport bus service center in the country, they have established their own branches and sub-branches. No matter where you are in Bangladesh, you must have heard the name Shyamoli Paribahan as this bus service has been able to launch its own services in remote areas of Bangladesh so far.

BRTC Counter Number & Ticket Price

In case of any need you can contact Shyamoli Paribahan Authority or if there is a counter list you can contact the counter officer at your nearest counter and book the bus schedule ticket price online.

In order to help you in this way, we have mentioned all the contact details of Shyamoli Paribahan, counter number, location etc. We hope the information we provide will play a significant role in your travels.

Shyamoli Call Center & Email

If you have any information or problem, you can call directly at the call center of Shyamoli Paribahan. You can also send them text messages to their official email account to verify your important information.

Silk Line Travels Counter Number 

Dhaka Division All Counter Phone Number

Those of you who are stationed in Dhaka division already know that Shyamoli Paribahan is the latest mode of transport for their travels so they must be interested to know the counter number of Shyamoli Paribahan.



Chittagong Division All Counter Phone Number


Sylhet Division All counter Phone Number


Other District Counters Phone Number

Screenshot-2022-05-23-at-7-20-54-AMFinally we would like to tell you that you must have collected the information given by us and got the list of counter number and location of Shyamoli Paribahan. Stay tuned to our website to get contact numbers of other popular bus service centers in the country.

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