Bank Asia Agent Banking Transaction Limit, Charge, Routing Number, Helpline Number, Career & More

By | May 20, 2022

Asia Bank is one of the most widely used agent banking companies in Bangladesh for a long time. Launched on November 27, 1999, it soon established itself in a number of European and Asian countries due to its outstanding services and banking facilities.

At present Bank Asia is located in every region of Bangladesh so that its customers get maximum service. Bank Asia has launched Agent Banking Services for the benefit of people in rural areas. At present their banking services are available in 492 upazilas of Bangladesh under 64 districts.

On the other hand, at every police station level in the country, they are now launching their own banking services by associating with agent banking holders. You may also be interested to know all the important information of Bank Asia Agent Banking. We present to you Bank Asia Account Type Logo Routing Number Swift Code Transaction Limit Transaction Limit Outlist Address All Information.

Routing Number of Asia Bank Agent Banking

Asia Bank has launched its own banking services in every region of Bangladesh. As a customer of Asia Bank, you will want to know all the information about the bank, especially the routing number. Routing numbers are very important information for a customer because you must know your bank’s routing number when you make a transaction or collect remittances from outside. Asia Bank Agent Banking has a specific routing number which we have provided below.

IBBL Agent Banking Routing Number & Details

               Routing Number-070270602

 Bank Asia Agent Banking Helpline Number

There are many of us who are not able to attend the Bank of Asia branch on time or you are often interested in the information so you cannot go directly to their branch. If you find yourself in a situation like this, you can contact their helpline number to get out of this situation.

DBBL All Agent Banking Routing Number

This is because Bank Asia has set up its own service center in every upazila of the country to provide 24-hour service to its customers where you can contact directly. So for those of you who are looking for a call center number, we have provided that number here.

  • This is the Call Center Number-16205 or 09617016205

Bank Asia Swift Code Number

Every bank has a specific Swift code that is very important for you to know this information when using Swift code. We have published the number here for those of you who have searched the internet for Bank Asia Swift Code.

Here is the given swift code number-  BALBBDDH.

Transaction Service Charge



Transaction Limits of Asia Bank AB

Screenshot-2022-05-20-at-8-53-08-AMBank Asia Head Office

Ranges Tower, 68 Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Telephone: +880 2 7110042, 7110062, 7110147.

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