Perfume Shironamhin Full Song 2022 Lyrics

By | May 18, 2022

Bangladesh’s most popular rock metal brand Shironamhin is set to release the title track of their new album on May 19, 2022. The song has attracted the interest of Shironamhin fans as popular bands are about to release their new album after almost 12 long years.

This will be a great surprise for those of you who love regular band music and the idea is that this song titled Perfume is going to be the best song of the year. Several music fans in Asia, including Bangladesh, are eagerly awaiting this song.

In order to meet your needs, we have published here the lyrics of the new Shironamhin song Perfume Title. We hope you’ll share the lyrics we’ve been given here and run this song campaign. So read our whole article and get the full lyrics of the Shironamhin new song Perfume.

Perfume by Shironamhin Full Song

Shironamhin lead and brand’s vocalist have already announced that the song will be officially released on 19 May. Following the announcement, fans of the Shironamhin band around the world are eagerly awaiting the song. I would like to inform you that all the details of this song are given below which you will like.

The song will be released in the form of a music video from the Shironamhin official YouTube channel. When the Shironamhin vocalist was asked about the song, he said it was going to be one of the best songs you’ve ever received from us.281442585-547547956735715-1758889011021820547-n

The music video for this song is based on Greek mythology which is the highest budget music video in Bangladesh. Finally, all the waiting hours are coming to an end. As soon as the song is released, you will get the details of it here.

Perfume by Shironamhin Lyrics

For those of you who are looking for the lyrics of this awesome song, I would like to say that as always, the lyrics of the untitled band’s songs were written by him. All in all, the lyrics of the song have been mentioned. We provide the full lyrics of the perfume song below.


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