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By | May 13, 2022

If you are spending your leisure time and want to earn money during this leisure time, then the good news for you is that today we will introduce you to several websites through which website in the country you can earn money online.

In today’s world of information technology nothing is impossible. Now we can earn thousands of rupees a month from sitting at home. If you have a little bit of internet skills and have computer and mobile phone then you can use this little skill and earn money online every month.

Although various temptations to earn money have been shown on various websites including social media, you have already realized how true these are. However, today we will introduce you to some of the websites that you will get 100% guaranteed payment on all the web sites and you can easily work online in all these marketplaces.

So let’s take a look at the online income earning websites that have been launched this year and millions of users are making monthly income using this website. You must register by accessing all the websites listed below and you will be able to earn money once you become a member of them.

5 Best Online Income Website in BD

At present, the country is making progress towards information technology through the sole efforts of the Government of Bangladesh. Remittances have become one of the sources of the economy of Bangladesh. Millions of unemployed people in the country who were suffering from frustration of not getting jobs are now bringing in foreign money through freelancing.

Online Income Apps in Bangladesh

If you want to take advantage of this golden opportunity then we want to say that earning money from internet is not as easy as it may seem. Competition is huge in making money online just like in all other sectors. But you have no reason to despair. In this discussion we will introduce you to some of the websites that all the web site you can earn money if you work with your skills.

The website we now refer to as freelancing is, which has a price tag of over 5 lakhs at home and abroad. You can do digital marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, surveys, etc. through the website.

However, I would like to say to you that you must be proficient in earning money from this website. Moreover, it will be much more difficult to get work out of here. So it is good to start working on this website after doing different types of courses to acquire your skills.

5 Best Money Earning Apps

Talk to buyers from different countries and their work will be handed over to you. You can earn more than 1000 1000 per month through this website.

A website was created in 2016 through which all freelancers can come together and earn money. More than seven lakh freelancers from home and abroad are working on this website. If you want, you can earn money every month by registering with your personal information on this website.

First enter the website and click on the registration option. Registration form must be filled with appropriate information. Once your profile is created you need to write about what kind of work you want to do and talk to different buyers.

Earn Money by Playing Free Fire Game

They will work on you based on your review. You will be given a specific time to complete these tasks and submit them to the Fiber Authority. Eventually you will receive a payment from the authorities.

Create Your Own Website for Blogging 

Blogging is one of the most popular ways for millions of young people in Bangladesh to earn money online. If you have a personal blog or website, you can earn thousands of dollars a month using various ad networks there.

There are several things you need to know when blogging. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Having a good internet connection is important to have a fast mobile or computer. With these things you will have the opportunity to start blogging and start your blog.

You need to publish any kind of article you want on your web site or blogspot. You will then have the opportunity to display ads on your website after fulfilling all the requirements of the various ad networks. Once AdSense is approved on your website you will be able to earn money every month from there. by YouTubing 

In addition to blogging, the medium through which young people are currently earning money is YouTube. Popular video sharing platforms allow you to earn thousands of dollars a month by launching short videos and your YouTube account. But in order to do YouTube, you must have at least a little knowledge about video editing.

When it comes to YouTube, you must first choose the content. You must find a topic at your convenience and upload regular content videos on that topic. If your uploaded videos are quality and copyright free, you will have easy access to monetization and your YouTube channel will be given AdSense approval through Google Monetization.

If you can fix your youtube channel in this way then if you can get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in one year then your youtube channel will get perfection. Later on your YouTube channel will show different types of ads and if any viewers click on the advertisement of your video then you will start earning from there.

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