GP Minute Pack 30 Days 2022 Code 100, 200, 500, 1000 Minute

By | May 12, 2022

For Grameenphone users we are starting to talk about some great minute packs. Grameenphone has the highest number of candidates and chairman subscribers among all the mobile operators that the government has. The main reason why Grameenphone is one step ahead of all operators is that the customers of this computer have minute offers at the lowest prices that you will not get in other SIMs.

To see Grameen Phone’s minute pack targets we have a variety of packages here 24 hours a day you can use any minute. Contains monthly package. But when we talk to others our words can be long which is why we try so hard but we get less and less.

Grameenphone has unveiled some great 30 day minute offers for its users. Promoting it through new captions and advertisements. Leaders who have spoken of the company’s minute pack fear that Grameenphone’s 100 200 500 and 1000 minute packages are currently given 30 days.

If you want to purchase these offers then we have given below offers and details. You can activate a pack of your choice and talk about Grameenphone’s minute offer.

GP Minute Pack 30 Days

Popular mobile telecommunication operator Grameenphone has announced a great all minute offer for its subscribers but was far behind in terms of duration. But now considering the need for information technology and customer demand, the company has released several minute packs over a period of 30 days. For those of you who have enjoyed the Minute Pack before this company, here is a short list where we have discussed the Internet Package Minute Package for a period of 30 days.

GP Minute Offer List


GP 100 Minute Offer 30 Days

A popular one minute package has been launched for Grameenphone users who use less minutes. You can now buy 100 minutes for just 57 rupees. And you get 30 days as the validity of this minute offer. In a word, I don’t think you will find such a great offer in any other SIM.

However, it is important to note that only Grameenphone subscribers who have come to know about the offer through mobile SMS can purchase this offer. If you buy the offer you can activate it via or a specific code.

GP Recharge Offer

GP 200 Minute Offer 30 Days

Grameenphone Authority has launched a new offer for those of you who are interested in purchasing the 200 minute offer for a period of 30 days. Only Grameenphone prepaid subscribers will be covered by this offer. You can activate the minute offer by installing My GP app with only one hundred and thirteen taka recharge or the same amount of balance.

But for many of us who are looking for a code to activate this minute offer, we have published the code here to buy a 200 minute offer. You must enter the dial pad of your mobile and dial * 121 * 4007 # We hope your mobile will reach 200 minutes and you will get its validity 30 days.

Based on the above discussion, all the minute offers that Grameenphone had for 30 days are revealed. Stay tuned to our website for any other Grameenphone information. We provide regular updates of all offers here.

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