bKash Pin Reset System- How To Reset bKash Pin ?

By | May 2, 2022

bKash Pin Reset System- bKash is the most popular mobile financial service in Bangladesh. Day by day the company has got a huge customers for their best service. Whenever, we used bKash account, we have faced some problems. Pin Block is one of the major problems for all bKash users. In addition we are come to you to give you the solution. We will discuss about how to reset bKash pin in this article.

bKash Account Block Reasons

Firstly, we want to discuss about the reasons Before sharing the solution. Then you will get a clear idea about bKash Account block.

Repeating Wrong Pin : Suppose, you have forgot your bKash Account Pin Number. Then, you must try to log in to your account. As a result, you are putting the wrong pin number more and more. In this way your account can be blocked. So, you must not do this. However, you will forget the Pin Number, you must keep claim and reset the Pin Number.

bKash Pin Reset System

When you forgot your bKash pin number, you looked very annoyed. Do not worry about this. Because bKash Pin Reset System is a very easy task.

A bKash user can reset the pin number in several ways. We will highlight all the process with you.

 How To Reset bKash Pin through bKash App ?

If you have forgot your bKash Pin Number, you can reset your password. But you need to do some steps. Here we will show you the process.




  • Firstly, you must install bKash App on your phone.
  • Then, open the app and log in by putting your mobile number.
  • You will get an option Forget Pin Click the option.
  • Finally you will get a temporary Pin Number. You can use the Pin Number to Log In on your bKash Account.

Change Mobile Menu PIN via USSD Code

For ensuring the security of your bKash Account, it is recommended that you change your bKash Mobile Menu PIN when you feel that it may have been compromised.

To make your bKash Account more secure, please use 5-digit PIN. To change your PIN, please dial *247# and follow the steps below:

  • -Type 8 and select My bKash
  • -Type 3 and select Change Mobile Menu PIN
  • -Enter your current PIN
  • -Enter a new 5 digit PIN
  • -Enter your new PIN again and confirm
  • -You will receive a confirmation text on your mobile

Keep following things in mind while changing your PIN:

  • PIN number must be of 5 digits
  • Use only numeric digits when entering your PIN
  • You cannot use any of your last 3 PIN while setting new PIN
  • If you enter wrong PIN 3 times within an hour, PIN will be locked
  • You cannot use zero (0) as the first digit of your PIN
  • You cannot change your PIN more than once within eight (8) hours
  • You cannot use sequential or same numeric digits as your PIN; E.g. 11111, 22222, 12345, 23456, 98765, 87654, 54321, etc


In Conclusion, above all discussion you may learn the bKash Pin Number Reset System. However, if there is any problem, you must contact with us.

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