GP 100 SMS Pack Code 2022 (GP to Any Number)

By | April 19, 2022

Today we are going to discuss the most popular SMS pack of the time. Grameenphone, the country’s largest mobile telecom operator, has become popular for offering low cost SMS and call rates to its customers. In addition to mobile talktime, we also express our feelings by sending our text messages via SMS. Grameenphone has launched a very attractive SMS pack for those of you who exchange information via SMS on your mobile.

In early April, Grameenphone launched a 100-SMS offer campaign with a new advertising campaign. This offer will be very important for those of you who feel comfortable exchanging information via SMS. Let’s find out what code to dial to buy Grameenphone 100 SMS and we know all the details about this offer.

GP 100 SMS Pack

Grameenphone is the largest telecommunication operator in the country and has a wide network across Bangladesh. At present more than three crore Bangladeshis use Grameenphone SIM. Why don’t you use Grameenphone SIM? No other operator in the country offers SMS pack at such a low price.

Today we are going to show you how to buy 100 SMS pack and it is possible to buy it for 7 days with only 7 taka. There are two ways to buy Grameenphone SMS pack. One is to dial the USSD code and the other is to make your own pack using Grameenphone’s official application or Flexiplan app.

GP Minute Pack

GP 100 SMS 7 Tk Code

For those of you who want to buy 100 SMS packs for 7 days for 7 days, first you need to go to the dial pad of your mobile and dial USSD code. If you need this 100 SMS offer then you can buy it for 7 Taka. To get this offer, dial *121*1015 *1#. This SMS pack expires 07 days.

100 SMS through Flexiplan or My GP App

In addition to the USSD dial code, if you are using a smart phone and have or Flexiplan application installed to give your mobile, you can easily sort one of 100 SMS as you wish.


  • First launch your official application.
  • If you want to buy 100 sms then go to internet option 0, go to sms option and select 100sms.
  • Since you want to buy SMS for a period of seven days, enter the period of seven days.
  • Submit and in the next step enter the number you want to buy the SMS pack.
  • A one time password will be sent to your mobile number. Provide the verification code at the specified place.
  • Your 100 SMS pack has finally been granted.

GP Social Pack

Terms & Conditions 

Grameenphone authorities have issued several guidelines for purchasing 100’s SMS. You must activate the pack of your choice by following these instructions.

  • Any Grameenphone prepaid user can purchase this offer.
  • Skito SIM users are not valid for this offer.
  • To activate this offer dial * 121 * 1015 * 1 #.
  • You can purchase this offer for a period of 4 days.
  • 100 SMS can be sent to any mobile operator in any other country including Grameenphone.
  • A user can make this offer multiple times.
  • There is no option of auto-renewal after expiration.
  • + VAT associated with this offer.

All of the above information has been collected from the official website of Grameenphone. So you can feel free to rely on the information we provide. For information on any other Grameenphone offers, visit our website regularly.

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