GP Emergency Balance Code 2022 Up to 200 Taka

By | April 12, 2022

Grameenphone is one of the most popular telecommunication operator in our country. The operator has gained the highest subscribers in present days only for their best services. No other operator gives the services likes this company.

In 2022, the Grameenphone Mobile company has added a new feature for the customers. Now all the GP Subscribers are able to get Emergency Balance. It is the first mobile company who is giving this type of service. Today we are going to discuss about this GP Emergency Balance Code in details.

GP Emergency Balance

At the beginning of the article, we are going to show you what is the emergency balance. Undoubtedly, it is an important service from GP. Suppose, you do not have enough balance to call any urgent number. In this critical situation, you can not find any Easy Load Shop near from you.

In this critical situation, you must be needed to call. GP Emergency Balance is performing the best service for this situation. Do you have any idea how to get the Emergency Balance. Lets introduce you with this.

GP Social Pack 

GP Emergency Balance Code

You should know the exact code to activate emergency balance. Most of us have no idea about it. Recently, the mobile company has changed the balance code. In addition, the new code has revealed through the official website.

If you are interested to get Emergency Balance, you should dial for a code. Then, the Emergency balance will be added to your main balance.

  • To get Emergency Balance on Grameenphone, first you need to go to the dial pad of your mobile and dial * 1010 * 1 #.
  • The next step will be to send a message to Grameenphone that your mobile number has been given emergency balance.

GP Emergency Balance 10 Tk Code

Grameenphone authorities usually rely on the Emergency Balance user number for money flexiload. If you easyload to your mobile number like 20 taka per month then you will be given 10 taka emergency balance. In this case you do not have to dial any new code separately. If you dial to use the previous one, ten rupees will enter your main balance.

GP 30GB Internet 300 Taka

Grameenphone Emergency Balance Up to 2022 Taka

Previously Grameen Phone Company used to give emergency balance based on usage but now you can get emergency balance above 200 rupees. To get emergency balance of Rs.200 you need to dial * 121 * 1 * 3 #.

  • However, in order to get an emergency balance of Rs 200, the customer has to follow a number of guidelines.
  • All Grameenphone prepaid subscribers are covered under Emergency Balance.
  • Once your balance is low you can dial for emergency balance.
  • Emergency balances are usually paid based on the monthly recharge.
  • To get emergency balance dial *121*1*3#
  • To know the eligible amount dial *121*1010*2#
  • You can use this Emergency Balance amount for any voice calls and for any SMS
  • The emergency balance amount can be used at any time.

Finally, if you want to know, Grameen Phone’s Emergency Balance feature is a very important service. So if you need money in an emergency, you must dial and receive the emergency balance through code. Keep in mind that when Flexi is loaded on your mobile, Grameenphone Authority will automatically deduct the rest of the Emergency Balance from your account.

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