Birth Certificate Verification System 2022

By | April 10, 2022

This program was started by the Government of Bangladesh after 2006 as a birthright to get your birth certificate for being a good citizen. According to the rules of the Government of Bangladesh, after the birth of a 6-month-old child, his birth certificate has to be applied by contacting the nearest Municipality Union Parishad or City Corporation.

For those of you who have completed the birth registration application but have not yet been able to verify your current status, special instructions are that you can now verify your birth certificate information at home if you wish. The main topic of today’s discussion is how to verify the birth certificate.

But first of all let me say that you will need some information to verify the birth certificate. Such as birth certificate number and your date of birth then let’s get started to know how to do birth registration verification.

Birth Certificate Verification

Birth certificate is used as an alternative to national identity card in every case of the present time. There are many of us who are not under 18 years of age. If for any reason you have lost an online copy of your birth certificate or have applied for correction of information, you must want to know the current status of your birth certificate.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Everything is now possible in the internet world. In the following section, we have discussed in detail how to verify the birth certificate. So let’s find out how to do birth certificate verification.


  • First you need to enter website.
  • Since you want to verify the birth registration information then click on the birth registration information verification option.
  • Enter your birth registration number in the space provided.
  • Write your date of birth according to birth registration consecutively as day month and year.
  • Verify that your information is correct.
  • If the above information is correct then click on submit option.
  • Clicking will allow you to verify all your birth registration information.
  • There you will find all the information provided during the creation of your birth registration certificate. Such as your name father’s name mother’s name permanent address temporary address etc. You will have the opportunity to correct any type of information if you wish.

This rule has to be followed to verify the status of birth certificate registration in any district including Rajshahi so we hope you will try to follow the above instructions given by us.

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