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By | April 9, 2022

Many of us who use the internet think that it is very easy to make money online. While this is true from one point of view, it is not as accurate as we see it. In the online world, if you do not have the slightest knowledge about the Internet, then you can not earn money in any way. In general, you must have skills in all the jobs that you have as a blogger and video cricketer.

Even if you do not have any kind of skills, you still have a number of mobile applications in which you can easily earn money by playing games, playing quizzes or answering various questions. Today we will discuss in front of you some of the mobile apps in which you will easily complete the registration and the money that will be earned from it will be able to pay through development.

Google Adsence App

The most popular way to earn money over time is Google Adsense. If you have experience writing articles in English or Bengali and have skills in search engine optimized SEO, you can use this skill to earn thousands of USD per month through Google Adsense.

Best Earning App without Investment

On the other hand, Google’s video sharing platform YouTube, if you have an idea about video editing, then you can use his skills to earn money from there through Google Adsense Monetization. This is an app that will give you Google AdSense approval on your web site or YouTube channel if you comply with all the rules and regulations of Google.


Once approved, ads from different countries will be displayed on your web site or youtube channel and if any person or visitor clicks on your ad then you can earn some money in return. We think Google Adsense is the most important and effective of all the money making applications available today.

Google AdMob App

Like Google Adsense, Google Admob is commonly used in a variety of mobile applications. If you are a standard app developer then you have to upload your created or games to Google Playstore and from there if someone uses your app then you will see different types of ads in that app.If a user clicks on the displayed ad, you can earn money from there. Admob usually earns about 20 to 30 thousand Taka.

Best Android App for Earn Money



Dream Eleven is a newly released mobile application from India. Usually games like cricket kabaddi etc. are played by this app. In order to use this app, you first need to create a team of your choice and another team’s competitive game is organized with this team. If you win the game, you will be given some points. If you break this point at a later time, you will be able to pay money through development.

Best Earning Apps for Students


The mCent browser is one of the best paid apps that helps you make money from referrals. There are easy things to do. These help you to make money. You can also earn mobile recharge. The app sends your money to your bank account.

How to Payment on bKash?

After earning money or winning points, you will be given a chance to earn a certain amount of money. Please read the paragraph and complete your payment.

  • In this case, first enter your profile and click on the payment option.
  • Since you want to withdraw your money through bKash, select bKash mobile banking service from the list.
  • Enter your development number correctly.
  • Provide your used password.
  • Withdrawal of your money is completed. You will receive the money in your bKash account shortly.

Finally, we would like to tell you that in addition to all the mobile applications, there are many other types of apps from which it is possible to earn money. However, we do not usually share any information without trusted apps. So you can use the apps provided by us and hopefully you will get payment through development from this app.

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