Best Earning App in Bangladesh 2022 for Students with Payment

By | April 8, 2022

In student life we ​​can earn money as well as study if we want. Because besides studying, we have a lot of leisure time. You can use this leisure time to earn money online using a mobile or computer. The main part of today’s discussion, we will show you several apps to earn money in Bangladesh. Those who have been honest for a long time and you can easily get the payment if you want.

Best Earning App in Bangladesh

With the advent of information technology, it is now possible to do everything from the comfort of your own home via the Internet. We have a lot of student life but we can’t do it due to lack of money. What if you had the opportunity to earn money while still a student? In this case, you will not have any difficulty in your studies, you will be able to earn money with a little time.

Developers in Bangladesh have been releasing various types of mobile applications for their promotion. If you work regularly in these mobile applications, you will have the opportunity to earn money. In today’s discussion we will introduce you to some of the money earning apps that have been giving us the opportunity to earn money for a long time.

What is Needed to Earn Money?

Making money with mobile applications has become much easier nowadays. Because in this case you do not need any kind of skills, but to use a mobile application with a good processor mobile phone is very important and you must have an internet connection. Because it is not possible to run different types of apps without internet.

  • A Smartphone with a good specifications.
  • High Speed Internet Connection.
  • Leisure time.

Park app

Park app is more important for you to earn money with mobile while you are a student because it is an app that has been earning money for a long time. You must first install this application on your mobile. Then you have to be a member of their app which means you have to complete the registration by providing some information.

When the app is open in front of you, you will find several options such as answering game play questions, etc. You will be given a point if you win the game you play, or you will be given a point for answering a question if you win. You can use that point to complete the payment later.

Earn Money by Watching Ads

From this app you can withdraw USD as a point. However, after your account balance exceeds 5 USD, you can complete the payment through any mobile banking service.

Fop apps

FOP Apps is one of the most popular mobile applications in Bangladesh. However, no one will be able to earn money from this website. This is because pictures are usually traded through this website. If you are a professional photographer, then enter this application to create a profile with your own information and upload pictures of different places landscapes etc. in the part of the website. If someone is interested in buying your photo they will contact you via email and you can sell your photo to them at a fixed price.


In this part of the discussion we will introduce you to a new mobile app. There is usually an opportunity to earn money through Bitcoin. If you enter this website, you can easily earn money using several means.

Many people are frustrated with the use of the application because they are not aware of the use of the application. Moreover, by earning money in this way, you can easily withdraw money through PayPal.

So without wasting time, install this application from the internet now and start using it. The idea is that you can earn 5 USD per day using this application.


In this part of the discussion we will introduce you to an application that is typically an affiliate marketer. Different reputable companies continue to promote their products or they have to become a page member by entering the application. Then if you can sell their product by sharing it on different websites and youtube channels then you will get the opportunity to earn money from dividends.

From this site you can earn more than 5 USD per day through affiliate marketing. Because the number of users of this application has exceeded 5 million. Moreover, you can easily withdraw the money earned from here through PayPal or Mobile Banking.

In addition to these applications, there are several other mobile apps that you can use to earn money. Every time you spend as a student is very valuable so learn to make money by making use of this precious time. Stay tuned to our website for any app related issues.

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