Realme Narzo 50 Price in Bangladesh & Specifications

By | April 4, 2022

A new phone of Realme Nazar series has come to the market of the country. Realm is consolidating its position in the world of smartphones. However, the phones that came out earlier in this series of Realme Nazro were very popular. Due to which this popular mobile company has released this new model phone in the market.

Those of you who have been using Realme phones for a long time can definitely buy the phone from the market on a low budget. But before buying from the market, you must know about the price and specifications of this phone. So for your sake we have presented here all the details of this model phone Realme Nazro 50.

Realme Narzo 50 Specifications

Realmy mobile companies are always on the market with their customers in mind. At the beginning of April, it was decided to release this mobile of Natak 50 Nazar through a new campaign. Although the phone has already been released in all other European countries.

There is a slight delay in the release of the phone in the market of Bangladesh. Those of you who are interested in purchasing the phone must know the details of the phone before buying. I would like to say to you that Real Me Company has designed this phone with all the great features for their customers at a low price which will definitely attract you. Let us know about the specifications of this phone.

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Design & Display

In terms of price, Realmy has enriched the phone with remarkable design features. The back of the phone has been given a slightly matte finish. Kevlar speed texture has been used on the back, so that the light on the back of the phone can be seen to be reflected. Considering all aspects, this design can be said to be quite great.

This mobile uses a 6.6 inch IPS display which gives you full HD resolution. On the other hand, the biggest attraction of the phone is the 120 Hz refresh rate support of its display. Because at this low price, for the first time with such a good refresh rate, Realm has given a gift to its customers because this phone is made for the users who play games.

Realme Phone Price 


We have already informed you that Real Mina Raju has a gaming phone charged MediaTek Helio g90 processor and 120 refresh rate so you can easily play any type of game smoothly. Two RAM and Stress variants of this phone are available in the market and in addition you can add up to 1TB as an external memory card.Screenshot-2022-04-04-at-9-27-57-PM
However, the main attraction of this phone is that 11 GB RAM is basically the benefit of the extended feature, 1 GB RAM can be used in the phone. However, these two variants of the phone are available with 4 GB RAM and 6 GB RAM. And the MediaTek Helio G96 processor can be compared to the Snapdragon 630G used in the Samsung Galaxy M51 in terms of performance.


While RealMe pays special attention to the camera on all its phones, their phones have a special shortcoming towards the camera. Behind the Real Me feature is a 50-megapixel triple camera setup, plus a macro camera of the most popular two-megapixel and another depth sensor.


On the other hand, the front camera of the phone uses a 16-megapixel selfie camera. Due to which you can easily take very beautiful selfies. Using a 50 Megapixel camera, you can make slow motion video on this phone and Fork video recording is not possible on the phone.


Since the phone is made for playing games, the battery section has an interesting feature that uses a remarkable 5000 mAh battery feature. Which means you can’t use the phone for 72 hours. Thanks to the use of Quick Charger 33, you can fully charge from zero in just 70 minutes.

Realme Narzo 50 Price in Bangladesh

Realmy usually offers low cost phones to its customers. Realmy Nazro 50 models are available in the market of Bangladesh. You can collect the official mobile by contacting any Real Me Customer Center directly. If you want to buy the 4 GB RAM 64 GB variant of this phone, you have to pay 16 thousand 499 Taka. On the other hand, with only 1000 rupees more, you can buy the phone with 6 GB RAM for 15 thousand 499 Taka.

Official 4/64 GB 16,499 

Based on the above discussion you must know the details of this new model of Realme. We hope that the most popular band in the country to publish about all the other brands of phones here is Realme so you can definitely use any model of the band.

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