Robi Balance Transfer System 2022

By | March 27, 2022

Great news for Robi mobile operator users.  Because Robi has now arranged balance transfer for their users which allows you to transfer balance from Robi to Robi and from Robi to Banglalink number. 

Robi’s balance transfer is an important process for everyone who is responsible for you.  For those of you who are interested in learning about Robi Balance Transfer, we have discussed in detail how to activate Balance Transfer here.

Robi Balance Transfer

Robi Telecommunication Operator, the largest customer in the country, continues to win the hearts of its customers with all the great offers and services. 

Balance Transfer is a new Robi service that allows you to send any extra money you need to another number.  Balance transfer is a method by which you can easily send a certain amount of mobile balance to another operator via just one mobile SMS. 

Robi to Robi and Robi Banglalink are the two operators that have introduced money transfer system. In the discussion section, we have presented some detailed information on how to transfer balance to these two operators.

Robi to Banglalink Balance Transfer Procedure

Robi Company changed the code for balance transfer for their customers in early 2020. Most of the time it keeps updating. It has been changed in 2020 to 2021. 

With the launch of the new campaign in early 2022, Robi subscribers have been informed that it is now possible to transfer balances from Robi to Banglalink.  We have discussed what to do for balance transfer.

Robi to Banglalink Balance Transfer Code

In case of balance transfer you can use two methods. The first is by dialing USSD code and the second is by using mobile application.  We have discussed two methods in detail here. 

If you want to transfer money by dialing USSD code, follow the procedure below.  Today customers need to dial and Banglalink users need to dial.  Also if you want to transfer balance via SMS then follow the instructions below.

As a Robi user you should dial *123*4# and the Banglalink Customers can dial *1000# 

Robi Balance Transfer SMS Method 

For Banglalink users, BTR<SPACE>PIN<SPACE>RECIEVER MOBILE NUMBER<AMOUNT of MONEY send the number to 1000


  • Firstly, you need to dial *123*4*1#.
  • Put the amount of money which you want to send.
  • Give Receiver Mobile Number.
  • Finally your balance has been transferred.

Go to Pell’s SMS option, enter the amount you want to send and enter the number you want to send money with space and send the SMS to 1212.

Robi to Robi Balance Transfer System

If you are a Robi SIM user and you want to know how to transfer Robi balance from Robi then this part of discussion is very important for you.  The method of balance transfer from Robi to Robi is very simple, just send a mobile SMS and the balance will be transferred to your desired mobile number in a moment. 

In order to launch this service of Robi, first you have to register, otherwise there is no way to get the service.  Follow the instructions below to activate the Rafiz Transfer service to your number. 

First go to the message option of your mobile and enter the amount of money you want to send.  Next send it to 1212 and type the number to which you are sending money appropriately.  Finally your balance transfer to Robi to Robi number is completed.

Example : 30 SPACE 0185645362 send to 1212 Number

Robi Balance Transfer to bKash

If your Robi number has the required extra balance then you will definitely want to convert your mobile balance to taka.  Due to which by developing popular mobile banking services you can transfer money from the main balance. 

If you want to develop Robi Balance Transfer then try to do the right thing here and transfer your balance.  In case of transferring balance from Robi to bKash, first go to the message option of your mobile and enter the amount you want to send in the bKash number. 

And send it to one to one number then your balance has been transferred.  However, keep in mind that you must have a bKash account open at the bkash number to which you have sent money.

Robi Balance Transfer Limit

Those of you who make regular balance transfers are interested to know how much the Robi has limited their balance transfers.  You will be able to send 100 taka per SMS on your mobile for maximum 10 times which means you can transfer more than 1000 taka balance in one month.  However, Patient Authority Robi hopes to announce this limit for their customers very soon.

100 Taka Per SMS & 1000 Taka only in a month.

Final Words

If you follow the information given to us properly, you will be able to transfer the balance from Robi to any other mobile operator within moments.  So in case of balance transfer, you must try to write down the number to which you are sending money, otherwise the money may go to another number.  Visit our website regularly for mobile banking transfers of any other operator including Robi.

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